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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Laundry Smaundry

I should be folding a whole ton of laundry. Our machine was broken for something like a week and a half, so you can just imagine what that was like. I was lazy and just washed necessities in the tub, but now that Wally's got it back up and running, I have a ton of folding to do! But am I doing it? NO! Ah, the power of being a housewife; it goes to my head sometimes. It did make me realize how much we have though and how so many clothes can actually be a burden if you don't have a machine. Somehow, I still can't find anything that works well for church and baby feeding.

We've enjoyed some time at home in the yard, which makes me want to say, if you all thought I was making fun of southern country in my last post, I was being affectionate. I was thinking maybe it seemed that way, so for all of you who are Southern through and through, know that I admire so much of that part of you! After all, I married a Southern guy who says things like: Mondy, Tuesdy, arn. You get the picture. He's the best, and I definitely chalk it up to where he grew most of his life. He's innovative, creative, intelligent, adventurous, loves nature, can talk farming, friendly, helpful, loves God and family, lives simply, knows how work hard and how to relax....so many things that Southern country folks just seem to do naturally. I only wish I could be more like all of them!

We have a real fairy.

She's gotten good at blowing bubbles (watch out Glenda)!

We've seen our resident turtle a couple of times. He's looking at you!

Have you noticed a lack of Alden pictures? So have I! Every time I look for that guy in the yard, he is really hard to find! He tends to wind up in all of the non-designated areas such as under the deck, behind the air conditioner, and in the shed. It drives me crazy especially if I have to run into the house for something and look out the window to see Rhianwen wandering around in her own world of imagination while Alden is nowhere to be seen. He likes to be sneaky. He tries to be sneaky about getting out of bed, but then he hasn't figured out that I can hear his feet and that the noisy ball popper is a dead give-away. Every time I go in there, he moves like lightning for his pillow (the rule is "keep your head on the pillow!"). It's pretty funny to watch.

Ah. At least I can keep track of him inside for the most part. Here he is with his new indoor soccer shoes. He decided to try out the Little Kickers soccer class with daddy. He's really loving it. We are also in the throes of potty training. It's going pretty well. I'm really glad we started this late b/c he's doing a good job and not fighting it too much. Pull-ups are a wonderful invention for moms with infants who don't want more puddles to clean up or things to swish in the toilet. I don't care if it takes longer to train!

Corwin, on the other hand, is just dreaming of the days that he can explore like the great Livingstone.

I just love it. Relaxin' in the hammock with daddy after a swim in the pool.

We got to see Virginia on her whirlwind visit to the states! We really enjoyed our time with her and hope to send her notes since she'll be deployed soon.

Sunday, Rhianwen donned her party dress for Wally's birthday.

She's becoming quite the model. She's also a major backseat driver already! So is Alden! It's SO annoying. Alden is always saying, "Don't hit any trees." And they always tell me to stop at the red light even if it's not my light. We'd be stopped all of the time if I followed their instructions. They also inform me when I am going too fast, even if I'm not. It'll be interesting to hear the commentary if I ever get pulled over with them in the car...

Uncle Skipper came for a visit, and since his birthday is 2 days after Wally's we kind of combined celebrations. The kids helped me make a lemon poppy seed pound cake, and we ate KFC for dinner (a once a year Wally birthday tradition...enter TRADITIOOON music from Fiddler on the Roof).

Corwin was SO funny to watch. While everyone sang around the birthday cake, he just had this look of confusion on his face like, "Already? Really? Me?". No no, my dear little boy, you've got a ways to go, and it will likely be something chocolate for your birthday.

Wally purchased a new push mower for his birthday (thank you all!!!), so he's excited about that. I don't know how he babied the other for so long, but he will be taking it to the dump. I think at this point, only he knows how to get it started and running.

A funny Rhianwen quote while she was watching Wally play a Wii football game:
"Why are they having a time out? They're disobeying?". Yes, I know it doesn't go with the flow of this post, but I had to put it somewhere!

I do love ending with a nice sleeping picture. Ah, the best part of the day. Just kidding, but I do enjoy my down time. Notice all of the toys piled around him...Alden's work at his best.


  1. Sweet kids. Love Rhi's fairy outfit and birthday dress. OK, Is that straw hat on Corwin a baby sized hat or what?? It seems to fit perfectly. I am wondering what has gone wrong with your machine? Isn't this the second time this has happened? Alden is doing some soccer which is really nice!

  2. Ps. You better change the header on your renovation tracker--it still has snow!

  3. I am one of the few strange people on the planet that actually likes doing laundry. If only we lived closer I could have come over and helped you!
    That picture of Rhianwen's profile in the fairy dress is YOU!
    LOVE the picture of all Corwin's fabulous rolls! I so want to hug that "little" guy!


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