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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer Endings

I guess I can only handle monthly posting! Sigh. I don't think it's that 3 kids is just so busy. Life is just getting crazy. I can't imagine what it will be like when my kids are in school.
Thanks to hurricane Irene, our tree-bound swing set met its demise. Wally built this one DURING, yes, during hurricane Irene. I kid you not. Sometimes I think he needs a different line of work...like Mr. Incredible. Happily, Rhianwen can now swing on her own b/c of the shortened chains. This is one of her favorite activities.

Clemson football has begun! Thank you, Kathy, for the awesome old-school hat! Yes, I am behind on thank you notes by about 2 years.

Labor Day at Marbles Kids Museum. Alden had things soaked in about a 5 foot radius.

The Pirate Ship, they could have stayed here all day.

We took a last minute trip to Grandmama's and Grandaddy's b/c Wally had to teach a last minute class. Thank you so much for letting us come!

Collecting worms for his first fishing excursion. They went with Grandaddy all on their own.

Thanks Grandaddy for a fun time, despite the fact that they caught nothing.

I just love that he put life-vests on them.

Seeing baby pigs at the cider mill. They were so cute and grunty...the pigs, not the kids.

With Grandmama at the cider mill.

With PaPa and Greatmama. Great Uncle Mastin (off-camera) gave Corwin lots of laughs.

Alden loved collecting the chicken eggs. (yes, this is a staged photo b/c he is very fast at putting the eggs in the bucket).

Special special people.

Back home, Corwin has mastered crawling and now is on to climbing. Yikes!

I've begun leaving the kids scissors accessible, and Rhianwen tried her own craft project on her own. She cut up a bunch of paper into "snowflakes", then tried gluing it all together into balls to make snowmen. Her conclusion: "This isn't working very well." She also drew a picture of "matching day" at church where everyone had to wear monochromatic clothes. The girl had spiky blue hair to match her dress too. I asked her if she'd ever have spiky blue hair, and Rhianwen said no. Phew! She came up with a new word: alsoly. I guess she's heard me harp on all of these kids books who fail to use adverbs correctly (basically they always drop the -ly). So, she decided also needed and -ly.

Alsoly, we will be in the mountains tomorrow, so maybe I'll post sooner than a month after tonight!


  1. Yup, I got desperate for new photos and went to your dropshot site last night! So I commented there on the photos! ha!

  2. Cute pics! That children's museum looks so fun! We took the kids fishing this month too. It will be my next post on my blog when I get a chance to post it. You'll have to check out our pics from fishing soon.

  3. Know what you mean about monthly blogging. I'm surprised by how rarely I even think to do it these days!

    I want to go on your next trip to Wally's parents ... baby pigs and chickens and worms! Awesome!


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