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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Soon Is Subjective

Boys. What more can you say?

Well, it's been nearly a month. I guess that's how it's going to be for a bit. Corwin's 6 month well visit was fantastic. He's 20 lb 6 oz and I forget how long, but basically 85th for weight and 90th for height. Big boy. Alden was 30 lb 8 oz and again I can't remember how long, but basically 50th for both. We have 2 healthy happy boys. The Dr. kept trying to talk to Alden about stuff but Rhianwen kept answering all the questions. Finally, he asked Alden, "What did you have for breakfast?". Alden said, "Black." Yes, we all had to laugh. Then Alden was so upset that he wasn't getting a shot (apparently, he had really gotten himself psyched up for it), that he cried! Then we said he would get a finger prick, and that seemed to console him.

More and more I'm realizing Alden is a numbers guy. I ask him what a letter is on a flashcard, and he says 2 (b/c there are 2 letters. For example: Aa). I explained pentagon yesterday including the building in DC and how it lost a side one time when a plane crashed into it, and he could tell me the next day how many sides a pentagon has! One time when we were splitting a treat between Rhianwen and Alden, Wally asked, "What would that make if we split it three ways?" Alden said, "That would be bad." (I think Wally was looking for the answer thirds). He also has funny views about disobedience. He was talking to Wally the other day and said, "If we disobey, we die." Wally said, "Have you ever disobeyed?" Alden said, "No." Wally, "No?!" Alden, "Well, yes. I died last night, but then I rose again." He's also had a huge surge of interest in books! I am so glad! He can sit through much longer books now and be interested in it. Uncle Christopher wrote a special book for him, and I think this helped him be interested even more.

Seeing his own book by Uncle Christopher for the first time.

Oh, he can't wait to really do this!

Corwin now has a tooth, and is working on a second one as we speak.

First Bites.

He is eating lots of different foods and has recently decided pears are worthy of devouring. Zuchinni is quite nice, and so is sweet potato. He is so close to crawling it's hard to believe he isn't doing it yet. He can move all over the room by inchworming (bringing his feet under him and then going back to his knees and moving his hands forward) and by sitting, going to his knees, turning, and sitting again. He's already pulling up to standing, and says things like, "Hae, hae!" when he does it.

How he gets around. It's amazing to me that he can get around a room this way.

Hae Hae! I got Peggy Doll from the dollhouse! So exciting!

Playing doggie. This was after mommy intervened and prevented the lea)sh from being t'ied around the neck. Kids...


  1. All I can say is that Corwin has such happy faces!!

  2. Mine love to play doggie too. They have been doing it a lot lately. Mostly Anna makes either Noah or Gracie be doggie, but every once in a while she'll be the doggie.

  3. Crying about not getting a shot? I just love that kid! Ha!

    What is it with kids and playing doggie? That is still one of Katelyn's favorite things to do. I had to tell her to stop barking in the restaurant today at lunch!


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