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Monday, January 23, 2012

Grandmama's Birthday and Life after Christmas...ha!

Happy birthday Grandmama! I just love this picture. So many fun expressions. We are so happy we were able to celebrate together!

We finally were able to give cousin Benjamin his Christmas gift. He loves trucks, and I couldn't manage to catch the excitement on his face as he discovered his gift, but his little mouth formed a surprised O, and he just loved it.

Benjamin's (and Uncle Robeson and Aunt Natalie's) gift to ours. We had nerf ammo behind the silver cabinet, behind couches, in mouths. It was a warzone. Wally was ecstatic. He's been threatening to buy this stuff for a while. I guess brothers can still read each other's minds when they grow up.

Aunt Clara made the cutest gifts for the kids. How special! We are using them in our stamping forays.

I got a kick out of Wally showing Greatmama his Kindle. She was very impressed.

Dancing fun. Alden was hilarious with the helmet. I don't think he could see much of anything, so he was just spinning like a slow robot.

Oh, yes they did. Uncle Averett and Aunt Jaime gave us a Clemson gnome to put in our children's garden out back. How utterly fun!

Special times. PaPa loved hearing Corwin make all of his car and train noises.

Are you feeling it?

He's just groovin'.

"Dahling, you really shoiuld get an Ipad." I STILL haven't replaced my laptop. I think in order to get an Ipad, I have to get those square dark-framed glasses...don't they sell those as an accessory to it?

Building and elaborate tower. We really need to take Alden for a haircut. The other day I was trying to fix his hair, and I finished with a flourish and let him look in the mirror. He stared at himself for a minute and said, "I look like a (long pause)....genius." I'm not exactly sure if that was complimentary...

I'm amazed at Alden's 3 year old vocabulary. Another funny quote from Alden, "Corwin ran off into the misty dark.....He's in the bathroom." Now I will run off into the misty dark, but to bed.


  1. You had me giggling all over with this one. Hey, with Corwin's hair getting longer he looks eeeeeriely like Chip's baby pictures!! YEeeup! It gave me a might start when I saw those pictures!!
    My old piano will never be the same....Alden must have been thinkin of Einstein.....but I am sure his hair was not that bad. OHHHH, love all those gifts---very cooooool.

  2. ps. with those glasses Rhi takes after me.....badda bing!

  3. wish you would put the video on youtube so I could steal it!

  4. Nerf wars are a must for any family!

  5. Love how Corwin puts his whole body into his piano playing!


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