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Monday, January 23, 2012

New Year

For the new year, Corwin has decided to take up newspaper reading. My resolution is to smile more and give more hugs, Alden's is to do more crafts (hm, is that really a resolution for him or for me???), Rhianwen's is to go to the State Fair when it comes around again, and Wally's is to read through the Bible in a year.

My family came for a visit for New Years and to help us finish our deck. We ate delicious food at the Twisted Noodle.

Corwin's first Thai food. He loved it.

My parents gave Rhianwen some Clemson cheer, but sadly, this did not provide any luck whatsoever in our bowl game. I don't even want to think about that game. It's a good thing there is more to life than football.

Jenga, the perfect way to ensure you win...add a baby.

Hangin' with Grandpa.

We do have a girly girl. No doubt about it.

Oh, don't you just want to kiss that face? He's going to be one in a week!!!

Earlier in the month, the weather was beautiful. We went to the NC Botanical Garden for a walk and picnic.

Fun in the children's area. A woman pointed us toward this area. I do have to say, she did this BEFORE our kids climbed all over a marble sculpture. I guess she thought it was inevitable, which it was. It's amazing how impossible it is to carry on a conversation with another adult AND manage kids at the same time.

Thank you, Uncle Christopher. We use the easel every day. Corwin has even tried stamps, but sadly, he only managed to surround his mouth with a very blue halo.

Corwin has more and more wanted to be a part of the action with Rhi and Alden. This was an introduction to dress-up.

Daddy date for January: a trip to Disney's Beauty and the Beast 3D. Note to self: do not let Rhianwen look forward to something like this, it will result in a fever and near hyperventilation. Next time, just surprise her.


  1. Oh, that move must have been fun--how did she like it?

  2. Hey, half the fun is looking forward to something--I wouldn't take that away from her!

  3. Love Rhianwen's princess dress! It's beautiful!

    I'm reading through the Bible in a year too. I've tried to before but haven't made it, but I am determined to finish it this year.

  4. I try not to tell Katelyn about anything until we are actually getting in the car. She will drive me crazy about it otherwise!


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