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Monday, October 21, 2013

A Mountain Retreat

Clambering on rocks on a hike up Mt. Mitchell. I just LOVE Rhi's little confident gapped-tooth smile. Why can't they stay like that forever? 

I think the Lord knew what our family would need after a week of crazy happenins', so He scheduled our mountain retreat a year in advance just so we'd have a place to BE. We had a wonderful time enjoying His beauty and the family (my own, my parents, and my youngest brother for a short time) with which He has blessed us. 

We went back to Sky Top Orchard and had a great time picking apples. 

"But WHY can't I pick the apples on the ground?"

Corwin was very confused about why we kept having to search for apples, when there were so many right there on the ground. He was a good sport though, and helped us find some fully laden trees.

Rhianwen brought Marie-Grace everywhere again. 

Back at Orchard Lake Campground, we all had fun on the zipline. Truth be told, the kids would probably have been completely satisfied doing that all day everyday we were there. Every time there was a tiny moment of downtime, Alden would start complaining about not doing anything fun right now and could we go on the zipline.

So totally happy.

He's probably wanting one for his backyard....don't get any ideas, Wally.

They did take a break for some shuffleboard. It's really a fun game!...Does that mean I'm really old? Yeah...don't answer that question.

We can still fit our whole family in one canoe although we did have to stop them from putting their arms all the way in the water b/c it made it way too hard to navigate.

Our cottage, mouse and all. Oh, you thought we camped...way too much work. But maybe someday soon. While it was not quite a Honeymoon (see cottage name), my parents generously paid for a date night for us AND watched our kids while we went to the Purple Onion in Saluda. Thaaaank you!

Stories with Grandpa. What they really loved though was for him to just tell his own "Forgetful Jones" stories. 

Hiking with NannyKim up Mt. Mitchell. Corwin was a lazy bum and nearly always wanted to be carried to the next great thing.

Guess this was the next great thing.

Like father like son.

We made it! Visibility was amazing that day! The ranger said we could see for 100 miles.

Back at the campground, Corwin was the only one who could master this rope ladder (although I think Wally got close). The funny thing is, I think Corwin really wanted to flip, but it was challenging for him :)

More climbing at the campground. I just love Orchard Lake Campground. It is Christian, family run, everything is available without asking and free (except for the golf balls). There are hiking trails and the stars at night are amazing.

Marshmallow roasting. The closest Corwin got was to sit on an adult's lap. But he did eat his share of mallows roasted by us.

We hiked to Pearson Falls, especially b/c Corwin saw it in his old photo book and had his heart set on seeing it. As you can see, Marie-Grace and Wolfie came along.

Playing at the playground in Saluda, a sweet little town with yummy food and fun shopping. I remember when Alden was in this tunnel when he was 18 months old. 

In fact, here he is then.

Sha-la-la! Don't know where he got that from...

While in the mountains, the air was chill, so we had the kids wear warm clothes. It always takes our youngest time to adjust to that new sensation. Corwin kept wanted his "tiny one pants" so he could go "fwimming". 

Back at home, Wally had to go out of town for a couple of days, and Corwin took the opportunity to go crazy. Every time I had to correct him and tell him that Jesus had to die b/c of the bad things Corwin does, he'd cry with tears running down his cheeks, "I waaaant Jeeesuuuus!". I do reassure him that Jesus is alive and in heaven and loving and watching him every day...soooo, be a good boy, ok? Sigh, how to keep the balance of Christ's unconditional love and His expectations for holiness. It's hard enough in my own life.

Ending on a funny conversation b/t Rhianwen and Alden:

Rhi to Alden: "Your hair looks like a whirlpool. What does mine look like?"
Alden: "It looks like a weeping willow."
Rhi: "No, I mean the top of my head."
Alden: "It looks like a stream."

How poetic.


  1. haha...I saw that swing and my first thought was, "I want one of those for my granddaughters to swing on!' :)

  2. We have wonderful memories of time in Saluda and at Orchard Lake with Scott and Lucy. Wish our grand lived near enough for making some new memories! Love your blog entries!


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