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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happy birthday, Corwin!

Getting serenaded first thing his birthday morning. The day I'm writing this post is my dad's birthday. I'd love to be able to serenade him first thing on his birthday morning, but that would likely involve the sacrifice of getting up around 4:30am.

Smiling after seeing his awesome skateboard poster. This was later used for a pin-the-tail type game.

Opening gifts. 

Before his birthday, Corwin sat down with me and asked me with concern if any of his gifts would have wheels on them. I told him I didn't want to tell him because then it wouldn't be a surprise. He got very upset at the thought that he might now have any wheels and started yelling at me, "But, will there be wheels?!!!". Yes, son, there were plenty of wheels. Skates and bicycle. Hopefully he will learn to stop yelling about stuff he wants. 

Corwin wanted a skateboard party. Because his birthday is at the end of January, these outdoor wishes can be tricky, but everyone bundled up, safety-padded up, and  had a great time. Yes, that is my brother who is being so goofy. All in the family.

Finn on a pink scooter. This little guy is the source of much jollity in our lives. He already loves making people laugh.

With his cousin Benjamin playing lawn ball? Not sure what to call it. Or maybe they are just pretending they have shields as I do not see the ball. 

Wally had to make a ramp for them. One day I asked Corwin if there was anyone who never did anything wrong, and he said, "Um, My fwend Ewi." (Who is pictured here). 

Getting the hang of his new skates with daddy's help. Daddy is wearing a helmet not because he was skateboarding, but because the risk of being taken down while helping a kid was so great...just kidding.

Using gel pens to make "graffiti" on our table. 

Listening to a skateboard story, which is now a favorite of his.

Treasure hunt. Note, Corwin is not to be found. He is off likely doing his own thing.

He did not want to be blindfolded.

Blowing out his candles.

Can you tell what happened next? Yes, the licking of the candles. This is why we are always in short supply of them each birthday.

Sad that the party it done. 

Corwin has become very interested in doing school this year, and often brags about doing all by himself...as you can imagine, he still has a lot to learn after doing school all by himself ;) He's really enjoyed listening to our composer studies and special kid cds about them and often asks for "Baldi" which is his way of saying Vivaldi. 

Corwin has become much more verbal this year and has begun thinking a lot about God, death, and heaven. After nap one day, he was sitting in my lap (you know the need little children have to sit after a nap and not do or say much for up to a half hour? this was new to me when I had Rhianwen, but not any longer!)...and he said out of the blue, "But Mama, where Jesus is making a place for us, there will be no toys!". I told him that if Jesus thought he needed toys in heaven, he certainly would provide them. 

The other day, Corwin came up to me and said, "Mommy, are you happy that God gave you boys?". I said, "Yes! I am SO happy God gave me boys. I love my boys." What a blessing this little boy has been to us. I pray his heart will continue to grow in awareness of and love for his Savior. 

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