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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

January Ramblings

I knew that winter was a time when I kind of hibernate, but I didn't realize the extent of it until I saw that the last blog post made was about Christmas! I very much doubt that anyone who looks at this blog wants to resurrect this winter, but I have to document life for us! I'm already feeling overwhelmed with the task.

January and my guys want to skateboard. To see him master this ramp on video, click here.

When there was mild weather, we took advantage and hiked the Eno in the mud.

There is a terrifying suspended bridge there. Terrifying b/c Corwin loves sticking his head out over the river. 

As do my other children.

I feel like this caption aught to be a poem...to the meter...I'm a little tea pot. Anyone want to think of one?

And this one needs a broadway type song with it. 

Cocoa mustache anyone?

Apparently while the adults were in Shepherding Group, the boys tested the concept of cantilevers.

And zat is where I end my post. For next up eez Corwin's birthday bash.

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