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Thursday, April 5, 2007

6 months!!!

Yesterday was Rhianwen's 6th month birthday! Somehow, I feel like it is a major milestone. Nothing was really that special about the day, but I just know when she was born it was so hard to imagine this day and hard to believe it would actually come. She has grown so big!

On the way to Pittsburgh she even did some time behind the wheel!

Of course, any driving tips from either Mommy or Daddy should be taken with a grain of salt since we both failed the NC Driver's test on Tuesday! Unbelievably, Mommy is still haunted by spiders. While on this trip, I was innocently washing my hands at a rest area and noticed something jump when I turned on the water. So I looked down again and there was a HUGE spider in the sink. I told the rest area janitor that he could take care of it, and he promptly walked in to investigate. As I walked out the door I heard him exclaim, "Holy S*#@!". Quite.

On our walk yesterday, we made a clover chain and found a real 4-leaf clover!

Princess Rhianwen seems to enjoy the finer things in life such as a silver spoon with her name engraved on it.

She is now more conversational, saying LaLaLa, WaWaWa, and making funny squinting looks as she does it. It is SO cute. She actually really loves squash but completely turned her nose up to bananas. She eats rice cereal with gusto. She loves lots of things: people, pictures, Daddy, Summer cat, books, eating paper (though we admittedly try to prevent this habit), watching Mommy do just about anything (clean out poopy diapers, put on makeup, cook), standing (with support of course), and playing with the water coming out of the faucet during bathtime. She truly brings joy into our life, and I hope that she will always joy in living life while finding it fuller in Christ.


  1. *lol* When I went to go get my NC driver's license I didn't anticipate having to take the test again. I passed, but if I had answered one more question wrong I would have failed!

  2. She appears to be growing fast! I love the behind the wheel shot--she is such a doll baby!! lots of love nannykim

  3. one more thing--Dad and I were just talking about clover necklaces sp?--and then you made the crown!! Hmmm , we think alike. Dad says he never made them--deprived he was....deprived.;-)


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