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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring's Sproutings

This past weekend we all (Daddy, Mommy, Cousin Lee, and Rhianwen) traveled down to good ole SC for Greatmama's birthday party! On the way down, Rhianwen decided that hers was the only voice worth hearing for TWO hours straight. Finally she tired of her tirade and fell into a slumber. We had lots of fun, and the return to NC was much quieter on Rhianwen's part.

In SC for Greatmama's birthday.

Rhianwen has found her toes and tried a new food (butternut squash).

What is she doing on the counter, you may ask? One word: Daddy.

I think she likes it!

When cranky time comes, we just go out under the trees like a true Tolkien Elf.


  1. daddy is having too much fun with that girl!!

  2. That big pink tub you call your daughter always makes me laugh.


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