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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Saturday was Rhianwen's first picnic lunch (sumptuous mushed pears prepared by Gerber) and kite-flying extraveganza (notice the Spiderman motif)! Once the kite got higher than about 3 feet, we're not quite sure if she really noticed that there was something on the other end of the string she was holding, but she sure noticed the tug on her arm! Of course we had a fine time ourselves. I managed to get completely tangled up in string, and Wally flew his kite into a tree.

Rhianwen also finally grew into my favorite outfit. She just looked like a little chubby garden fairy.

"Am I crawling?...no...what do you mean no?"

"Hey, I get it now...you're just laughing at my apparent lack of coordination...well, I'll show you!"

"Humph, see? I am uber coordinated!"


  1. hey--her hair is actually growing!! yes!! and the outfit is cute. Oh, I hope you sung lets go fly a kite and send it soaring from Mary Poppins---you should have that playing in the backgroud.

  2. Love the outfit! And you get 12 gold stars for getting a kite to fly in the first place, getting Rhianwen to hold the string while the kite was flying, and getting a picture of it all! Adorable.


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