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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

How many things can happen in one week?

Rhianwen had her 6 month checkup this past Monday (yes, a little late b/c the move earlier this year messed up the vaccination schedule). She is still HUGE in case anyone doubted it! She was 20 lb. 11 1/3 oz. and 28 1/4 in. long...roughly the size of a 10-11 month old! She handled her vaccinations like a pro, felt kinda rough the next day, and was back to her usual vocal hyper self the next. Oh, and the big lump on her head that keeps growing bigger may be a hemangioma (big lumpy birthmark that may eventually go away after growing to the size of a watermelon). The Dr. said we could just watch it for now. We are enjoying this new spectator sport!

She tried graham crackers for the first time, but we think she still prefers pollen (pine pollen is her favorite thing to chew right now...no, we don't condone this behavior).

She traveled to Conway where she had fun visiting with lots of friends, celebrating mommy's birthday, seeing Great Grandpa and Grandma, chewing on a piece of apple, and tearing the grass to shreds in the back yard.

Having fun at Arron and Jenny's with Ken, Heather, Mike, Dolly, babies Anna and Michael Dean, and big boy Noah...Rhianwen opted out of the picture b/c she wanted to be the photographer.

Great Grandpa loves crooning to Rhianwen.

Rhianwen is preparing for her new movie role: a combined version of Eric Liddell and Victor Borge.

Not only that, but she is scooting backwards though she is totally unaware of it. She just finds that she is under the coffee table as if she was teleported to a very disturbing place where she then proceeds to sound the alarm for mom or dad to rescue her.

Lastly, Heather had her baby girl, Katelyn today! She was 4lb. 4oz. and doing well. Perhaps pictures may follow after this weekend as we are going down to attend USC med school graduation and possibly to drop by the hospital NICU!


  1. Wow--singing and playing the piano at the same time--I'm impressed!!!!

  2. Oh, how I love your blog. Ok, first off, what the heck about the thing that's going to grow into a watermelon on her head?! Love the running with dad bit. Andrew loves to crawl but doesn't find "walking" of much interest at present. If we try to help him, he just goes limp to get to the floor. :-) And the singing at the piano just kills me! Any update on Heather and Katelyn?

  3. I love the picture of Rhianwen stuffing her marshmallow face. That's too cute. I want to kiss her cheeks.


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