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Friday, May 18, 2007

An alternate solution to African neck lengthening

We are going to have a crawler on our hands any day now. Rhianwen is busy scooting backwards. She is also rocking on her hands and knees. She even can walk two steps all by herself. I often find myself thinking, "I can't wait until she can move on her own!" whenever she is fussing for me to come get her, but then I think, "Oh, yeah?! Then the real trouble begins!".

This past weekend, we attended Robeson's and Ken's med school graduation at USC. Baby and dad's orange tie made lasting impressions on all there. Baby, because she kept popping in and out of the auditorium depending on her noise level. The tie, because daddy seems to be convinced that if his little toe touches a piece of USC sand, he feels obligated to symbolize the fact that it is a Clemson Tiger that is crushing the aforementioned piece of sand underfoot. We also got to see Heather although we have not pictures to prove it. She is now out of the hospital, and I believe her new babe will soon follow once some sort of levels are in a normal range.

After the graduation we all went back to Rhi's Grandmama's and Grandaddy's in York and enjoyed a relaxing Saturday.
SC Girls.

"Hey, give me that Dr. Uncle Robeson...I know just how to get them to say that word!"

Sunday, we were back in Durham where Rhianwen demanded paper and crayons to make mommy her first Mother's Day card...(a very surreal day to me (mommy)...who on previous mother's days had been handed flowers by church people as a symbol that I would be a mumsee in the future...this tradition always seemed a little odd and premature at the time since you never know if you're going to be a mom until you are one!).

A masterpiece in the making.

It never ceases to amaze mommy the things daddy comes up with to do with those simple toys. One day I'm going to turn around and he will have made Rhianwen a time machine out of a teethy ring, sippy cup, bumbo seat, and swimmy float!

"It's been one of those days at work, hasn't it dad."


  1. actually she reminds me of some lady from the old movie , The King and I --that is the picture of the rings on her head. I love the pic of her and Ruth--ADORABLE.

  2. She's taken 2 steps?!?! Wow! That is so wild. And I'm completely in awe of daddy's skills with the stacking rings.


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