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Monday, May 28, 2007

Tales of an almost 8 month old

This week was pretty full in the life of Rhianwen. She wore her first shoes and head scarf last Sunday. It reminded mommy of a little Heidi. Of course, the shoes are fascinating to Rhianwen when she thinks about her feet...sometimes they stay on sometimes they are only halfway on (she has yet to figure out that there is a strap around her ankles...notice in the picture, she somehow managed to get the shoe off without unstrapping anything at all...our little Houdini).

But where are my goats?

Even though Rhianwen is still only pushing backwards, she manages to get into a bit of trouble now and then. The other day she seemed to be heading out the front door, and she also managed to get to the fireplace set, grab a poker, and get soot all over her hands and feet before mommy could do anything about it. Babyproofing time...sigh.

She also attended her first playgroup! Rhianwen loves being around people. She doesn't necessarily interact on some deep level with her peers. Occasionally, after much soul searching, she will do the comraderic grab at the hair of the baby next to her. Mostly she spends the time on her belly wriggling around and making lots of noise.

Kitchen time is lots of fun now that mommy lets Rhianwen play with wisks, pots, bowls, spatulas, and whatever other contraptions may go in the mouth without harm.

Helping mommy make chocolate cookies.

This week we all adventured out to the community pool where Rhianwen spent much time staring at all of the crazy kids splashing around. At first she was a little hesitant to be held at arm's length, but once she stood on the steps for a bit, she was up for a little swim around the pool and jumping after that.

Water baby.

Lastly, Rhianwen is starting to play with others! She plays catch pretty well, and she tries to talk on the "phone" (perhaps, she has discovered her imagination, but it's hard to tell at this age) with us! It is quite exciting.


  1. hmm, she appears to be using her feet as well as her daddy on that there ball!

    The little blue dress could be a Heidi or a Russian thing--hey, did I say that? She is quite cute, as always--give her a hug for us ;-)

  2. Look at Smarty McCutiepants with the phone! Impressive!

  3. Cute, smart and always brings a smile to our faces.


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