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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Busy as a Baby

Looks like it's early even for Rhianwen.

The week in review: Mommy's and Daddy's wedding anniversary, a visit from Uncle Christopher, Rhianwen's 9 month checkup, and the purchase of a house.

Full? Perhaps, but this 9 month-old has managed to get into all kinds of mischief despite the full schedule. Mommy and Daddy have been accepted into the "Chase the Baby" club as Rhianwen has discovered a faster pace of crawling. No, it's not quite to the jet propulsion stage, but it's fast enough to chase daddy down the hall on his way to the shower, to chase kitty to her food bowl, or to chase mommy to the garage for more boxes. Who did I say was doing the chasing?

Rhianwen still enjoys her favorite chair while chewing on a piece of marble. Yum.

For our anniversary, we left Rhianwen at a friend's house and took off to Hillsborough where we enjoyed antiquing, eating lunch at Bandido's, and buying a bottle of wine. On the way home, Uncle Christopher called to say he was driving through and wanted to drop mommy's birthday gift off (a wonderful painting that mommy loooves!).

Hanging around waiting for Christopher.

Rhianwen was more impressed with Uncle Christopher than with his painting.

Sunday afternoon, we enjoyed a leisurely stroll through Duke Gardens.

Tuesday was Rhianwen's 9 month checkup. There we found out that she is again in the 97th percentile for weight (24 lbs) and height (29.5 in). The Dr. changed his diagnosis on the lump on her head and now thinks it is a cyst. So, he is referring us to a plastic surgeon to get it removed. Our poor baby is going to have to be tranquilized...I mean sedated, injected with a local anesthetic near the lump, and get the lump removed. And the Dr. says sooner better than later. So we are waiting for a referral to get that all scheduled. The Dr. also said Rhianwen is as big as an average 1 yr. old (no surprise there) and could even pass for one developmentally. So overall, good news at the Dr's! As an added bonus, there were no shots this time!

Today, we bought the ranch that is lost in a groovy 1960's timewarp. We have tons of work to do. We also realized today that the deck really needs to be replaced pronto. Big project for us! Rhianwen loooooved the empty house. She crawled and walked around yelling the whole time. Echoes are amazing things. We also got to see her navigate the one step in the entire house.

Not too shabby.

At the end of the day, Daddy and Rhianwen enjoy a constitutional down to the bathroom for devotions and a bath.


  1. Too cute--what pic did Chip do for you?

  2. Anna has that same purple checked outfit Rhianwen is wearing at the top of your post. I love that outfit, it's so cute. So, you bought the house, congratulations! I can't wait to see pics of it. When do you move in?

  3. Rhianwen and I have so much in common. I mean, we both love chewing marble...

    Boy, I look pretty durn tired in that picture.


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