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Monday, July 23, 2007

Movin' on Up

We're movin' on up in more ways than one. The first is Rhianwen is involved in "helping" mommy pack for the move into the new house. Also, yesterday we were eating supper while Rhianwen was playing. We weren't paying much attention to her, and all of a sudden we heard a little wimper behind us. We turned around, and she was kneeling on a skinny box and hanging onto the lip of the table above her for dear life as the box was not big enough to keep her balance on its own! This was the first evidence of climbing we have seen!

Helping mommy pack.

Most of Rhianwen's "help" is to eat any paper products that she can find. However, a more innovative idea can be seen in the movie below:

We have been doing tons of work on the "new" house, and at night we have been putting Rhianwen to bed in one of the back bedrooms as long as we won't be making a lot of dust. It's taken her a looong time to finally go to sleep. We've learned that she really appreciates a little consistency in her bedtime ritual. She likes her own crib and her own painting of Moley and Ratty in the boat that hangs above her crib. Really! That painting is like the bedrock that convinces her that she is back in her own room. She looks up at it reaches out a hand and breathes easier just because it is there. We find this a little amusing, a little endearing, and a little...scary...for lack of a better word. We try to tell her what's even better is that Jesus is there to watch over her all the time no matter what room she's in. But she sure does love Moley and Ratty watching over her crib at night!

We finally got a little musical toy for Rhianwen that can serve as her own "piano". At first, she just used it as a teethy toy, but now she has gotten the hang of banging on it. I think she likes the piano better...what a cultivated and tasteful daughter we have!

"Ha, and everyone thought these sticks were for beating this thing up!"

A sweet thing that is new for Rhianwen is that she is learning to kiss. We can ask her for a kiss, put our cheek up to her face, and she will open her mouth and press it against our cheek. A not so sweet thing that she is also doing is chewing on bare shoulders. So watch out!

"Well, looks like my job here is done. Adios!"


  1. yup--it is amazing how we all love routine--how comforting and securing it can be...esp. for a child!!

  2. you should call the movie -the newspaper shuffle--or training wheels for infants!


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