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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Vacation Adventures

We have returned from our journey back in time. Rhianwen really enjoyed the blacksmith's fire and the music. It was SO HOT that we spent most of the afternoons in the pool back at the hotel where we met many very interested kids. The funniest meeting was with a 3 year old Asian girl named Lilly who wanted to meet Rhianwen. She came "swimming" up with her daddy who introduced themselves. She was very excited to see a real baby and exclaimed to her daddy, "Can I pet her?!" to which he answered, "Let's exchange our courtesies once we're out of the pool" (a very wise man).

Pooped after a long morning of historical experiences.

I felt very touristy buying Rhianwen her only souvenir: a bunch of bouncy balls melded together with a light inside that goes on and off when it is bounced. How unhistorical is that? Well, she liked it, it was cheap, and I bought it. So I bought a tacky tourist thing from the Episcopal Church Gift Shop. Apparently it has some significance in the Episcopal church; my mom mentioned something about the colors.

Tacky touristy ball with a tacky touristy outfit.

We went on a carriage ride while in Williamsburg too. Usually I feel bad about carriage rides because the horses look so bored, tired, and unspirited, but all of the horses in Williamsburg seemed happy and well-groomed/cared for so we decided to take a ride. I felt even better about it when we talked to their driver who said on hot days like this one, they only did half of the rides and quit in the early afternoon. The movement of the carriage was a lot smoother than I had imagined though granted, we were going pretty slowly. We even felt a bit like royalty when little kids waved at us as we passed by. It's just too bad that Rhianwen and I had forgotten our pearls and tiaras that day.

"I say, do you need a lift?"

Saying hello to Jack and Jill, the horses.

On the way home, daddy got something called a speeding ticket, and we then realized that we were no longer in colonial times when there was no thing called a speed limit. Once home, Grandma Nanny Kim and Grandpa came for their Rhianwen fix. Unfortunately, I always forget to take pictures when family comes because I am so busy interacting. Maybe I will get better at it. Even though Rhianwen doesn't see the grandparents incredibly often, she still seemed to recognize them. Instead of giving them her cool calculating stare reserved for strangers who are acting a little too familiar; she gave them an expectant little smile when they got out of the car.

Today was an unusually fussy day while we were around. Rhianwen was just an angel in nursery, but the rest of the time, very hard to figure out. I partly think she just desperately needs to get back to a non-vacation schedule. We will see!

"Try to decipher this expression!"


  1. In the last picture, she is saying, Kawabonga. --I just know it--

    The many colored ball--there is a cursillo thing in the Episcopal church. Cursillo stands for short course. Involved with this is De Colores--the colors--they use this as a greeting like "hello"--but the collors basically remind us of the brighter fuller life that Christ makes possible for all who believe...so Rhianwen has a very spiritual ball ;-) !! Sooo it made a wonderful gift, eh? ANd since it has a light it in that could stand for the light of life--Christ or Christ in us. Wow look at all the spiritual lessons and I am sure you can find more!!!!!!!

  2. spelled colors incorrectly the second time!! couldn't figure out how to edit it!!

  3. Sounds like you had a nice trip. Did Rhianwen enjoy the carriage ride?

  4. Decipher Code: "I'm the Queen!"

  5. I so totally understand the post-vacation sleepy baby madness. We just got back from a 2-week stint visiting family in SC, and I had many "who in the world is this baby?" moments. He's almost back on schedule now (we'd be completely back on if dirty diaper business didn't keep intruding on the afternoon nap) and seems to be much more himself. Yea!


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