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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gollum or Hobbit?

We have had quite a bit of grossness this week. Rhianwen has learned that boogers can be picked. She also has discovered that it is great fun to throw her toys into the closet where the cat has her litter box. Another fun thing is to play in the toilet. I KNOW that when things are dreadfully wonderfully silent that little oo is getting into trouble. But sometimes I just decide it is worth it to figure out what is going on later. One such silence proved to be an expedition to the toilet. Enters Rhianwen into the kitchen with dripping hair and wet sleeves tracking toilet water throughout the house. "Do I want to know what you were doing?" I ask, and then say, "Can you show mommy what you were doing?" She so innocently obliges by leading me back down the hall into our bathroom to point to the nice puddle and bowl of irresistible toilet water. How can I do anything but say softly, "Rhianwen, that is a no no" and clean it up quietly. So, those were some of the Gollum moments.

Hobbit moments have happened as well. All morning long, Rhianwen pesters me to eat. "East" she says, and leans on the pantry doors begging me to open them for some good treat. This happens every 5 minutes or so until one day I get really tired of it and sit her down for second breakfast. No matter that only 2 h ago she ate a huge bowl of crockpot oatmeal (cooked in whole milk with apples), some eggs, and cranberry bread. She gobbles down a small bowl of shredded wheat soaked in milk and a whole banana. I guess like Aragorn, I just didn't know about second breakfast! I ask her if she has hair on her toes and if she has a pipe. She gives me a quizzical look.

Rhianwen has been climbing on everything. I was out of the room for a few minutes, and I heard her "playing" the piano. She does this a lot, so it wasn't a huge surprise. BUT the big surprise came when I walked into the room and saw that somehow she had managed to climb on top of the piano and was walking on the keys. Heart attack inside, calm fast walk to remove baby outside!

This week was full of fun Christmas activities. We watched a little bit of A Muppet Christmas Carol with Rhianwen each night. She seemed to really enjoy it. I missed the last night with creepy Ghost of Christmas to Come, and Wally said she was mesmerized until he exited at which point she got fidgety again. Strange! (The muppet version is not as scary...fyi.) We never watch tv with Rhi but decided Christmas was a good reason to break with tradition.

Watching A Muppet Christmas Carol.

My favorite time of night: when Rhianwen is turned loose after bath to find mommy and goes running down the hall draped in nothing but a towel. This is a serious look, but most nights she is smiling and excited to try to find me.

Wally made an A- in his first graduate class, and to celebrate we took Friday off and drove over to Old Salem, NC, and did some Christmas shopping and wandering. Old Salem was settled by the Moravians (known for their Moravian stars), and it was beautiful to see at Christmas time. Our last stop was to the bakery where they bake everything in a brick oven. They were making Sugar Cake, and we got some hot out of the oven.

Eating yummy sweet cake outside of the bakery.

Rhianwen had a blast playing with the pebbles and climbing every staircase we would let her climb.

Pebble play.

We finally bought some hair-bows for Rhianwen (we could always use more, so don't worry those of you who may have bought or made some for her! ;) At first I thought they were way too big, but they are SO cute on her. (sorry about the red eye). She loves wearing them, but often can't resist the urge to pull it out to take a look.

All ready for "chuch".

We've been holding out on baking any Christmas cookies until I could get some time and energy to sew a cute Christmas apron for Rhi. I had found the material when I was looking for some other stuff for a different project, and just could not resist buying it. It's amazing how terrible you can be at sewing, but how things can still turn out pretty cute!

Making ginger bread cookies.

Taking a break to read Proverbs?

Rolling it out (for some reason this was slightly disturbing to Rhianwen).

Sampling the results. What a cute little hobbit.

Yes, she does have yet another cold. Sigh! Sorry about the boogers. We've managed to keep her fingers out of her nose so they are there until we wipe with a Kleenex.

What an enjoyable week it has been. We're looking forward to our time at the D fam's for Christmas. We'll probably have an inordinate amount of pics to post afterwards! So watch out!


  1. Well, how in the world can that girl eat two big breakfasts!! maybe she will get into a huge growth spirt!! The apron looks really cute on the little cook! The air bow makes me think of an old movie with Tatum O'neil--in this old movie she use to wear the bows the same way,,,,,so cute. As far as the toilet bowl thing---they do make locks for toilet bowls!! yikes!! Mine may still have those bleachy round things in them! So beware.

  2. Boogers. One of life's greatest joys.

  3. John-John's mamaDecember 18, 2007 at 5:03 PM

    I just finished making crockpot oatmeal! I read the blog this morning and got hungry...hope John likes it.

  4. Crockpot oatmeal? I have never heard of such. You will have to enlighten me this Christmas.

    She looks so different with her hair fixed! I LOVE the hair bow! She's so cute.

  5. Heavens, LOVE the apron. I actually just bought one for myself ... my very first at 30 years old!


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