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Thursday, December 6, 2007

If you didn't already have a clue...

Rhianwen has a big announcement! Some of you got the hint from the last post (see the book on the coffee table); some of you looked right over it. But watch the movie below and see some of her cute pics to get it now!

"This takes some serious high order mathematics."

"Well, this is an easier concept to me! Of course I'm the big kid around here!"

The above 2 pics were what we used to tell the grandparents and siblings.

We don't think Rhianwen really understands, but she sure loooooves to say "babies"! She said it so much during Thanksgiving that her Great Aunt Gina asked if we weren't telling something. "Um, weeeelll. She just loves saying babies!" as I turn red and look away.

Our first doctor appointment was this past Tuesday, and we confirmed that I'm about 8.5 weeks and due on July 12 or so. So, it could be a baby born on our anniversary (July 14)! We got to see an ultrasound and to see the heart beating away already.

The white blob to the left is the baby's head (positioned sideways with the x on the top of it). Oh, I know you can tell if you just squint...ha! Baby Tinsley is only 1/2 inch (1.6 cm) in length but already has a fully functioning heart. Life is just SO amazing!


  1. Wow. It's already prettier than Wally. Mwa ha ha ha ha. Yes.

  2. Congrats!!!!!
    Funny enough, I had noticed the book on the coffee table the other night looking at the previous blog but didn't think anything of it. I'm impressed you are rereading. I haven't done any tuning up. I'm scared to do so and scared not to at the same time. Hope you are feeling fell.

  3. Congratulations!!! I did notice the book on the coffee table in the last post and thought to myself, hmmm, I wonder why that's sitting out. I'm so happy for you. Will you find out later what you're having or wait? I can't wait to follow your pregnancy this time on your blog and next year get to see all the pictures of the new baby as he or she grows. It's been so nice being able to watch Rhianwen grow up on here.

  4. poooweee--no I did not even notice the coffe table as I am always looking at the oooooo little precious bubbleleeeeenaaahhh . So I will have to go back and check. Love the movie, but we need a picture or movie of the mommy!!! Come on get with it, kidddooooo! Awesome view of the new kiddie---amazong or what!! I was thinking of showing those pictures on Friday's show and Tell--but I may be to busy to blog on Friday!!! Thus I am doing some now!!! Blessings!! Love ya

  5. ok--I looked at the post of the coffee table with the book, but man---who can read upside down and backwords---NOt I----I can't even write upright and correctly!

  6. Woo hoo! I am sooooo excited for all of you! I love the little video of Rhianwen saying "babies". That is just too cute. I enjoyed getting to talk to you the other night!

    Time to loan you my maternity clothes! Your summer clothes came in handy for me and I have winter clothes for you to wear! I will bring them for you this Christmas!

    Love you!

  7. Congratulations!!! I will keep your family in my prayers. Thank you for sharing.


  8. I'm visiting from your mom's blog...
    And what an adorable baby you already have...she is a sweetheart!
    Now you'll be doubly blessed!

  9. YEA!!!!! That is so wonderful! Congratulations! Little Rhi is going to make the best big sister ever!

  10. congratulations from the iananddarlene family! :)


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