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Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's Christmas Time in NC

This weekend, we went on a quest to find a Christmas tree. Since this is our first Christmas in NC, it was quite a quest. We are used to HUGE trees and a large selection, not to mention the ambiance of snowy fields, a tractor ride to get to the trees, and hot chocolate provided complements of the Christmas tree farm. It's times like this that I miss good ole PA. Perhaps we will find that farm down here one day, but probably no snow! The first farm we found had all SHORT trees. Rhianwen like them, but we knew with almost 30 years of ornaments from both sides of the fam, there was no way we could have something under 6 feet.

"This one is too small!"

So we continued our search for that big tree. We were tempted out to a farm that claimed to have Colorado Blue Spruce (the tree we have chosen the past couple of years in PA). They did have a few, but none to tempt us. However, we found a gorgeous homey Carolina Saffire instead.

"Hm, this one is just right! But what is that black thing for?"

It was so fat, that no one could fit the tree through the plastic funnel to get the net around it. So first we had to tie it up with webbing then stick it through. It was quite a process! We also were gifted with a cute tree calendar and some mulling spices, and in the end it was quite an enjoyable process.

Nope, it ain't goin'.

Rhianwen was very worried about all the cutting, pulling, and tugging throughout this process, but once the tree was in place, she seemed thrilled. (Yes, I too feel her empathy for the poor tree. It takes YEARS to grow these to be so large, but since they are grown for one and only one purpose, I console myself by this fact knowing the tree has finally found its life's fulfillment in its own death...um, yeah, I do know it sounds morbidly funny).

"Wow! This is interesting!"

Rhianwen was a little confused about the whole decorating thing, but she went to work at it like a pro, and we managed to get her to understand that once she hung them, they needed to stay on the tree and not be yanked back off. A hard concept for an almost 14 month old!

Hanging her first ornament.

We took a break to eat a chocolate covered oreo and drink some cocoa. Rhianwen didn't seem to mind a bit.

"How delectable!"

Also during the break, Rhianwen managed to escape back to her room for a time of private reading and contemplation.

"So what if Horton Hears a Who is upside down? I can still enjoy it!"

While mommy finished decorating the tree with glass balls, Daddy and Rhianwen mixed up a simple meal of pancakes for dinner. Yes, this was Rhianwen's first foray at mixing real ingredients. What a big helper she is!

"I take my work seriously."

A bit dark, but I had to post me and my cutie.

We ended the night with the advent calendar. We did 2, one for last night and which was about Christ being the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. Tonight was about Christ as the Word who was in the beginning and was God.

The advent calendar.

And the finished effect.

What a joy to have a growing loving family this Christmas!


  1. I love your philosophical look at the demise of the poor Christmas trees. You have helped to appease the guilt that I too feel at seeing them chopped down... hee

    I see Skipper in Rhianwen in the oreo picture.

    Good thing you got such a big tree. You weren't kidding about having a ton of ornaments! It looks so pretty. We decided to use our little 6 foot artificial tree this year since we will not be around for Christmas, will not have any company over, and Katelyn is too little to care. Next year's tree has got to be huge though!

  2. Oh yeah, and one more thing. I love the picture of you and Rhianwen in front of the tree. I think the darkness of the picture is part of its charm. I love how all the colored lights behind you make the picture seem so warm and cozy.

  3. Awesomely wonderful pictures, Thanks!! I may steal the one of you and Rhi in front of the tree for a bit on my blog. What a fat tree!! I hope they shook it--our first Carolina tree from a local tree farm was full and I mean Full of insects that started crawling everywhere within a day!!UGH. Your living room looks good from what I can see---what is the wooden thing that is in a section of the picture? Rhi, as always, is so adorbalishus!! (my word)She looks like she had lots of fun---oh and you are carrying on the oreo tradition I seeeeeee!!! Loved last year, picking the tree out in Pa. The lady blogger that lives in the Mts. of N.C. had some beautiful pictures of her tree cutting!!

  4. ps--I love the pic of her helping with pancakes!!

  5. Hey,
    We did two nights worth of the advent calendar tonight as well! It is fun to see the advent tree in someone else's house.
    One tip on the little helper in the kitchen-once you teach them they get to lick the utensil when they are done mixing, you have to keep a very watchful eye when they are "mixing" (or licking =)).

  6. Love the Oreo picture. I have NEVER been to a real Christmas Tree Farm (I think going to Pikes instead of Wal-Mart is getting pretty fancy), so I'm trying to quell my envy of your Christmas tree hunt.

    Oh ... but getting them already cut does free me of the guilt of watching them get hacked upon.

  7. You're tree looks great! I love all your ornaments especially that little gingerbread man in the front. Did you have a hard time getting it in the house since it was so fat?


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