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Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Baby Alden Noises!"

We had our final ultrasound today (we think!). Baby Alden's kidneys measured normal HOOOOORAAAY! Rhianwen did amazingly and was excited to hear "Baby Alden Noises!" ie. his heart-beat. We couldn't get a good picture b/c he was moving around the entire time and b/c he kept his arm over his face again. So we had to settle for this hard to see profile pic.

Getting big!

We got to see him yawn a couple of times. So fun :) He is measuring in the 56th percentile and a little over 4 pounds right now. It's a good thing we had the ultrasound b/c now all of a sudden I am measuring small which would have made the docs worry that he wasn't growing well. But he is, and I'm doing fine too.

I was hoping Rhi would take a nap after all the excitement, but she is in her bed talking away...probably pooping. SIGH. So no nap for me either.


  1. Yay on the normalcy! If Rhi kept that poo IN her diaper today, be glad! Her friend Amelia didn't.

  2. Gee, Wally's son is overly active and hard to catch on film? What a shocker!

  3. Glad you got good news on the kidney measurements. :o)


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