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Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Blur of a Week

Hmmm. This week has gone by quickly and in some ways uneventfully. Wally was pretty much gone except for 2 hours out of the day. He's such a good daddy that even when he has miles to go in school projects, studying, and end of the month work stuff, he still comes home to spend time with Rhianwen and mommy (and to eat supper) :) This week was so warm that daddy and Rhianwen enjoyed popsicles in the backyard many afternoons.

It was warm. Really. I don't know why Wally is wearing a fleece.

Blue is one of her faves.

Rhianwen has been trying to include kitty cat in her imaginative play. Most of the time kitty endures patiently or perhaps lazily. It reminds me of those Victorian lacy cards that has those little cute girls with their kittens all dolled up in ribbons and doll's dresses.

Shopping at the store has been a little entertaining recently too. When we get up to the counter, Rhianwen will insist on placing whatever she has in her hands on the conveyor belt/counter...most of the time it is her half eaten box of raisins, container of cheerios, or sippy cup. If she doesn't have anything in her hands, she tries to let the conveyor belt run under her hands...yuk! Then when we are all done paying and walking out the door, Rhi will look at the cashier or anyone who is in the general vicinity and say, "Bye bye! Love you!" and blow kisses. Perhaps she's been reading How to Win Friends and Influence People. She's certainly better at it than I am :) In fact I wonder how much more effective of a friend and neighbor I would be if I would just look people straight in the eye, give them a huge smile, laugh a little, say "HI!", and wave big, just like she does regardless of whether they are a bum or a doctor...well, actually, right now I would have to say she probably likes bums better. If I did put her tactics into practice, I probably would have the psychologists called to my door, but it really has made me think that I should try to be more open and friendly like she is. Putting this into action is a whole 'nother matter. I'm way shy.

Of course we had to have some cute Sunday pictures to round out this blog.

"How dare you photograph me before my brilliant performance of Rachmaninov's Concerto No. 2?"

"Have you ever heard such nuances of emotion and virtuoso in one performance?"

Bye Bye! Love you!


  1. So how did she like the barretts--a new dooo---hey you should put a few little tiny braids in there. I love her plays with the kitty.

    ET hem--now are those all fruit pops! you need to get the tupperware plastic version and make healthy pops--however she may not like them as well (you guys probably didn't, but as a kid I loved sucking all of the juice out of those things until all that was left was ice and then I would eat it---)

    yup--and we can learn a lot from kids. I have surprised a few people acting like a child--just glad they didn't lock me up (yet)

  2. Her expression in that last photo is magnificent! Phil's in with Andrew right now reading his stories before bedtime even though he had to bring home lots of work ... it's amazing how much we appreciate them putting forth those efforts to spend time with their little ones. Causes me to love Phil in a whole new way. :-)

    Oh ... and I'm also loving the cat dress up time. Andrew is obsessed with our kitty, but I cannot imagine how much medication I'd have to give her before she'd allow him to dress her up. She's pretty sassy. I've actually been trying to convince Andrew lately that when she slaps at him (she's declawed) that she's just trying to give him five. :-)

  3. Haha! I was going to ask why Wally was wearing a jacket in that one picture when Rhianwent was in shorts and a t-shirt and you said how warm it was. Then I read your comment under the picture.

  4. Blue is the best. Rhi has great taste. Maybe I'm rubbing off on her. Mwa ha ha. Yes.

    It's easy to become outgoing. I used to be terribly shy. It just takes a bit of practice (or maybe a few sales trips). Then, you become a pompous gasbag like I.


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