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Sunday, May 25, 2008

We Are Still Strange

For a really really long time I've been wanting to get a glider rocker for Rhianwen's room. Like since she was born. We had been sitting in this little tiny child's rocker to feed her bottles and to read to her etc. Well, finally we found a deal on craigslist and bought a real rocker for her. She loves it, and so do I. Especially now that I am fat, that little rocker just wasn't cutting it if I wanted to sit and read to her in her room. The colors tie in nicely with her room as well although I am thinking about trying to find some similar colored material for the cushions that is softer and sewing that on instead. We'll see!

Enjoying rocking.

We've been getting ready for baby Alden. Rhianwen's been watching me sew his diaper bag and blanket this week. She does amazingly well watching and not touching unless I tell her she can.

The diapy bag. Rhianwen really digs the trains. Hopefully Alden will too.

She saw an Amtrak train go by on our way to playgroup on Wednesday which was really exciting. Then we went shopping for curtains for Alden (which we didn't find), but we also looked at bathing suits for Rhianwen. It was so funny, b/c she didn't seem incredibly attracted to the frilly bows and flowers that were on the suits for her, but went straight to the boy suits that had Thomas the Tank Engine on it. Thankfully, she didn't seem too upset when mommy told her that those were for boys and how about this pink one with hearts and bows? Now all we need is a kiddy pool. Saturday we got to go to Eno River State Park for a nice 1.5 mile hike. It was beautiful, and Rhianwen did great walking. Daddy did a lot of carrying though too. I don't know where he gets all his energy! She kept wanting him to do "horsey" which was to carry her either on his shoulders and do a jolting run with her or to carry her in front and hop up and down.

A view of the "spectacular rapids" according to the trail description. It was very pretty.

I think it was probably Rhianwen's first waterfall.

Rock climbing (just like daddy) under daddy's watchful eye. Mommy had visions of Rhianwen in the falls.

Tree climbing (just like daddy). Actually, we stuck her up there b/c it looked fun. She seemed to love it. Climbing trees will always remind me of Clemson and Wally and the hammock he had WAY up high in some trees near the Pit where he would study sometimes, and we'd go up there to have some alone time and watch the birds. I miss those days sometimes!

Some fun things Rhianwen has really been enjoying recently are puzzles and legos. She's gotten really good at her puzzles, and I keep thinking if I actually succeed in breastfeeding Alden, maybe I can get more puzzles for her to keep her entertained while I'm busy with him. The legos, she still will get frustrated about. It's hard for her to put a lego on top of one that only has 2 circles. She's also been counting (sort of). She mostly says, "1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 10!" And if she is counting to 3, she'll say, "1, 2, fiiiiive!" It's very strange. Also, anytime she gets REALLY frustrated, she'll throw herself on the ground and ask for a "Nappy nap".


  1. Wow, you are a very brave mommy! Rhianwen with waterfalls, tree limbs and a very fast wagon...

    Cute diaper bag!

  2. Way to go Wally! Hooking up the wagon to the bike looked like great fun for Rhianwen. She even tucked her head for aerodynamics at one point.

  3. hmm, blogger movie is not working this a.m. I love the pics of the water!! I would have been afraid of a fall into the water!! The diaper bag came out really cute and I don't blame Rhi for wanting the boys bathing suits. Why do they think girls want boring stuff?? I like the blue rocker against the yellow walls--I have always loved blue and yellow together.

  4. Fabulous video! I want to ride in the wagon next. I'm so impressed with your sewing skills (and with Rhi's patient watching). I can't believe you've only got 6 weeks left! Very exciting.

  5. I don't know how wally can pull that on the lawn!! He must have some muscles in those legs!!

  6. From a distance, it looked like Wally didn't have any pants on. That was pretty disturbing...


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