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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Visit from Some Uncles

Last week went by pretty quickly. We had a quick visit from Uncle Skipper and Uncle Christopher along with Grandma Nanny Kim much to Rhianwen's joy. Uncle Christopher treated us to some delicious Mexican take-out (a favorite in this fam, including Rhi). And we basically just talked and moved the huge cast-iron wood-stove out of the family room. Ha ha! Yes, well, the guys did anyway. Wally was disappointed that the guys weren't spending the night. Mostly b/c there were that many fewer projects he could get out of them ;0) Just kidding. He had to work and only got to see them at lunch.

Of course, Rhianwen took center stage by repeating half of what we said, running and chasing all around, and being her crazy high energy self.

On her palanquin surrounded by her attendants and body guards, Rhianwen peruses her subjects critically.

We did manage to get out to Rhi's friend's birthday party one night. It was at a playground, so bonus for her! She's continued to sing happy birthday to her friend almost every day since. The gift? Legos of course, Rhianwen's favorite.

With the birthday girl.

Things have settled pretty well here. Rhianwen has had fewer tantrums thanks to getting back to non-exciting mommyness. Although there are times when she wants mommy to "hold" her, and Rhi has then attempted to sit on Alden as mommy nurses him. This leads to mommy trying to ward Rhianwen off with an elbow while desperately trying to distract her by singing Bingo or asking her to get a book. Sigh. On that note, Alden has continued to gain a nice 1 oz./day. Keep it up big guy!

We've been immersed in the Olympics, and watching so many events (especially volleyball and equestrian) makes mommy long for some real activity. Many days I feel like I spend most of it sitting on the couch feeding Alden and reading or singing to Rhianwen. The times when I feel frustrated over this, I just try to remind myself that there really is nothing I'd rather do right now in my life and that no matter what I was doing, there would be something that was frustrating about it, so I'd might as well find the joy in everything that I do. It can still be hard though.


  1. I love Rhianwen's face in the picture with your brothers. She's so expressive! I feel your pain about being planted on the couch although I've discovered I would rather do that than chase a disobedient child while nursing. I never thought I'd be doing half the crazy things I do now that I'm a mommy! :)

  2. You'll be back to active life soon enough. Enjoy the babies while you can!

    PS: Why do I look like I'm on drugs in all the pics?

  3. The davies does look pretty high there. What sort of Mexican food was this?

    Rhianwen continues to crack me up with her darling faces. I'm thrilled to hear the feeding continues to go well, though I honestly can't imagine trying to do anything like that while keeping up with a toddler. You're my hero!

  4. Yes, I think legos are the best best best present!! I need to get some for here and I can't wait to play again with Rhi and legos!! She has a good imagination!!

  5. Look at you Skinny Minny!

    That picture of Rhianwen with Chris and Skipper is priceless!

    So glad to hear Alden is putting on weight nicely. That is wonderful!


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