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Monday, August 25, 2008

Daughter and Son

Things are mostly a blur from this week. For some reason I didn't take many pictures, so I have no prompts for my fuzzy mind. I know we watched a lot of Olympics! By the end I think we had burned out finally! Next up is Clemson football, hooray!

Rhianwen has been talking up a storm. So fast in fact, that we really can't follow anymore. At first I thought she was just talking gibberish, but then I noticed today that if I listened closely enough, she really was speaking words. Part of what makes it hard is that she will speak in paragraphs about totally unrelated things from one sentence to the next. She's also memorized a majority of the nursery rhymes that we read almost daily per her request. Thankfully I've memorized them long ago, so I don't even have to look at the words to read to her anymore. Nice! The following video is just one of the new rhymes she has picked up recently.

Alden is still gaining well (I can only thank the Lord for this blessing!). We have a program called Durham Connects that I think is really geared toward poor uninsured moms, but is offered to every mom. A nurse came for a house visit for free, did a free weight check, and gave us a great tote and free books, dipes, bath stuff etc. I felt a little bad taking it all, but I wasn't about to pass up a free weight check. He was 9 lb. 15 oz so still adding 8 oz or more per week. He's still a skinny little booger. We have his one month check up tomorrow, so we'll see how happy our Ped. is with his progress. Alden is getting a lot more energetic, kicking a lot and starting to talk a little. He's such a perfect little honey, except for on Saturday when I hope he did his growth spurt b/c all he wanted to do was eat.

Just one of the things Alden managed to do.

Reading Peter Rabbit to Alden.

We did manage to get out to playgroup this week and to a playground where Wally and I got to bump the volleyball while Rhainwen was entertained by a bunch of cute Latino kids playing with her shovel and pail in the sandbox.

All dressed up for church in a Pooh outfit from Great Uncle David and Elisabetta.


  1. He is a cute little bambino!!His face looks fuller; but it is amazing how lanky he still looks, huh! Like father , like son.

    I am looking foward to seeing him again--Dad will eventually have to get up there!! He hasn't seen him since the day he was born!!!!!

    Rhi is as precocious (no idea how to spell it) as ever--gotta love her.

  2. Rhi's kiss for Alden in the video was a total heart-melter. What a sweetie! And I think Alden looks perfect!

  3. thanks for sharing your wonderful little family with us in this way. my mom and i have been thoroughly enjoying your pictures of your precious children. God love 'em!


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