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Monday, September 15, 2008

Have That?

We have a new Fisher Price catalog aka "baby magazine" according to Rhianwen. It's her favorite reading material of late. She wants me to read it all the time. It goes something like this when mommy is tired, annoyed, or otherwise not feeling like reading it:

Rhianwen: Read this?!
Mommy: sigh, What do you say? (my stall tactic)
Rhianwen: Please read it.
Mommy: Ok. Let's see....babies, babies, babies playing with toys, babies playing with mommies. Babies.

When I'm more into it, I'll actually talk about what the baby is playing with. Rhianwen will look at the pictures and grab at the toys and say, "Have that?" as if she can lift it out of the catalog and have it! She does this with all kinds of books, not just the catalog. What an imagination! The catalog also has big pictures with red circles that have songs in them. Rhianwen has memorized which songs are on which pages even though the songs don't have anything to do with the pictures. For example, I've Been Working on the Railroad is with a one of many pictures of a baby crawling on the floor, but somehow she knows it! Amazing.

Rhianwen has gotten her first cold of the season. Blah. I hate that part of the beginning of fall and winter. She seems to be taking it in stride for the most part. I'm trying to teach her to cover her nose when she sneezes, but no luck so far. I just hope Alden doesn't get it. She's sneezed all over him today :)

Sporting Clemson orange before stomping NC State on Saturday.

In the world of Alden, we are still figuring out his schedule. (***Warning, if you don't want to read about it just skip this paragraph!***) He's been crazy this week again, not wanting to eat long for a couple of days, then getting back to normal. I've been trying to decide how long to let him go at night and which feedings to drop. I'm a worrywort when it comes to letting him go at night AND dropping feedings even though the Dr. said to let him go. I swear, Alden would go at least 8-9h probably. He went 7 last night, and I got him up! I've dropped the last feeding before we go to bed b/c I just want to have a large chunk of time where I can do whatever without thinking about feeding him. A lot of people don't do this so that they can sleep a longer chunk at night, but I'd rather have the free time while I'm awake. Anyway, today he ate more frequently perhaps as a result of the dropped feeding, so he got his 8 in and still went to bed at 8:30pm. I'll just have to see how it goes. What did any of you BF moms do when it came to the night scheduling? Probably none of you had such children who would sleep like mine do! It's a blessing and a confusion all at the same time!

A night where Alden didn't feel like going to bed when we wanted him to...he thinks it's funny.

I finally got some talking and a smile on tape:


  1. Well, It was nice to see a sweet smile.

    Dad has a cold too....hope Rhi's doesn't make her too miserable.

    Aldie looks good in a hat!! Although it looks like a prop in that picture ;-). His face looks fuller in the movie frames.

  2. Alden laughing on the couch at keeping you up is great! I was a worry wart, too, with Andrew, although at the beginning the doctors were watching is weight like a hawk and telling me to get him up, so that adds some pressure. I think by Alden's age, they decided Andrew's weight was fine and he was waking up plenty in the night, so I didn't have to try to plan it out anymore, but for a while in the beginning I was setting my alarm for every 3 hours. Blah.

    Alden sure looks great! I could tell you from a distance that if the doctor says he's fine to sleep, then I'm sure he is, but I can totally see myself doing exactly what you're doing.

  3. I never wake up at night time. If they will sleep then Hallelujah! And once Sadie got to about 4 months I quit waking up during the day. Yesterday she slept from 10:30am to 3:30pm, took another nap about supper time and was ready for bed by 9. Now that is very unusual for her though. Most of the time she is quite regular. My doctor told me that she should be going at least 8 hours at night at her 4mo checkup and to let her fuss some so she would get in the habit of sleeping that long. But that's just me. Generally if mine are hungry then they won't sleep. That's when I worry, when they won't sleep, then I start popping the Fenugreek. Got a hungry one now so better go.

  4. I'm with you on the nighttime feedings. I always drop the late evening feeding so I can have more time awake without any children. It's worth it to me even though Matthew hasn't been my best sleeper. I definitley say that at 2months I let them sleep at night till they wake up. Ella was only nursing and would sleep from like 8until 6 at around 2 months. I agree it's hard to know when you're always worried if they are getting enough but Alden sounds like he's doing great! Rhianwen looks adorable as usual!

  5. I think we're living parallel lives - Amelia's new love is the American Girl catalog that came in the mail somehow yesterday. She can't stop looking at it..."Is that baby in a backpack? Is that baby wearing a purple dress?" As long as I affirm or restate her comments, we're good.

    We had fun at playgroup last week. Thanks for hosting!!

  6. Rhianwen is just a sheer genius. She must have learned the art of associations. Remember how we used to make up crazy associations starting in Mrs. Stegall's class to remember the names of all the provinces of Cananda? :o) We used to make up some pretty crazy ones on the bus but we got pretty good grades on those tests, didn't we?

  7. I feed Will at 6:30, put him down at 8, then at 9:30 I wake him, feed him and put him right back down. He sleeps for 8 to 9 hours. Some nights there are some groans around 3 or 4, but I ignore them until he actually cries. Baby Wise says at 9-15 wks they can begin to sleep 9 - 10 hours as long as he gets 6 - 8 feedings/day.


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