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Monday, September 8, 2008

Old MacDonald Had a Cow

Yes, this is how the song goes according to Rhianwen. Some of you may think, well he did, didn't he? But when she sings it, I just immediately imagine this farmer in a plaid shirt with a straw hat and beard just losing it in front of his haystack!

Rhianwen introduced all of the Pooh characters that we had lying around to Alden. He looks a little perplexed. (Oh, and that basket of laundry in the background...3 days to fold...1 day to put away...sigh).

Alden:"Wait Rhianwen, now, where in the story does the pelican and Clemson frog come in?"

I about had a cow when I found out that Daddy was going to be gone potentially from tonight through Friday! Me, ALONE with 2 kids?!!! Augh! How was I going to do supper, devos, bath, bed, BF, and take care of me? Oh no oh no oh no. Rhianwen got a talking to from daddy about how she needed to be a good girl while he was gone. What did she get from it? "Daddy is going to Aldabamba! Bye!" Well, hopefully he won't be gone too long. Tonight went surprisingly well although daddy did leave after supper. I managed to give them baths, do devos, BF, and get them both to bed relatively on schedule! Rhi did fabulously and thought it great fun that she got to kiss all her animals goodnight and to run around playing with various toys while mommy tried to get Alden to go to sleep (a lost cause...we ended up letting him cry while mommy put Rhianwen to bed).

Alden is doing well. He's starting to talk baby talk more, definitely smiling more, loves his reflection and mommy's, and absolutely gazes transfixedly at Uncle Christopher's paintings.

Admiring Uncle Christopher's painting of stars in a night sky over a lake (nice contrasts).

Unfortunately, Alden has also decided he prefers not to have the nipple shield at least during some feedings. He's definitely gotten better but not better enough...so it's been a little crazy knowing how to deal with that. He continues to gain well and is 11 lb. 6.5 oz. today! Getting a little roly-poly perhaps!

In case you thought Wally's life as an engineer was a boring old desk job, just take a look at his work clothes...at least for some days like his trip to Aldabamba. Makes mommy think of hazmat gear.

"Wow! I totally dig this!"


  1. Wally's suit is kinda freaky. Reminds me of cold-war paranoia.

    Rhi & Ald are just so darn cute in that picture with the stuffed animals.

    Good luck being a single mom for a bit! Makes you appreciate single mothers a little more, eh?

  2. Awwwww; cuteness.

    Hey, I notice Alden is getting the prefrontal baldness ;-).

    Well--just take it easy and be flexible---and when Wally returns just let him know how much you appreciate him ;-) HA!!

    Give the wild girl a kiss for me and give Aldie a bounce on the knee.

  3. You go, super mom! Rhi's smile in the first shot is stunning. And Alden looks so mature and handsome and pensive! I hope things continue to go well - sounds overwhelming, but you appear to have quite a handle on things. And I hope Alden decids the nipple shield is the best thing ever! :-)

  4. You should post a picture of the picture Christopher did for Alden's nursery. I would love to see it.

    Hope things go well while you are on your own. I frequently feel like a single mom with Ken's crazy work schedule but at least I am only caring for one child!

  5. praying for you this week...hope it goes by without too much chaos. maybe your home doesn't have chaos...ours sure does! :)


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