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Monday, September 1, 2008


Well, daddy is at it yet again. He's always trying to get the kids to do things ahead of their developmental capabilities (at least according to the books). Alden has been placed in the Bumbo a few times much to his delight. Rhianwen has had a difficult time sharing her Bumbo even though she doesn't use it much except for when she wants a zany hat.

Yes, I like this quite a lot!

Speaking of hats, the polka-dotted one that Grandmama gave Rhi has been on her head constantly this week. She even wore it to church with the outfit that she picked out (a romper with Easter bunnies all over it).

Looking like a tourist.

Rhianwen has been full of cuteness this week. If the above picture is not enough here are some other things:

She was throwing her Snowbear around and it landed on the brick hearth. This left a red mark on Snowbear, and from then on, Snowbear had a "boo-boo".

She loves jumping on our bed and treats it like a trampoline. Whenever she does it she says, "Jumping Joan! Jumping Joan!" (from the nursery rhyme that goes "Here am I, little jumping Joan. When nobody's with me, I'm all alone!")

On Sunday afternoon, she colored a bunch of green marks on a sheet of paper and then went to get the little "popcorn popper push along thing" and announced that she was going to "cut grass with the lawnmower". After several passes back and forth over the "grassy" sheet of paper, she announced, "It gettin' better!" and continued to mow.

Her sock monkey has a red mark on his butt, and Rhianwen took a look at it and said, "He's got poo-poo!" and started wiping it with a blanket.

I often discover Alden covered in blankets (thankfully never over his face unlike Snowbear in this next picture where she is trying to swaddle her).

Hm, Rhianwen, something's not right. Oh, yes, we should see Snowbear's head, not her feet!

I've gotten so tired of stepping on legos that I asked Rhianwen if she thought she could dump them on a chair and play with them there. She has been very compliant, much to the cat's dismay.

Lastly, here's a video of our 2 cuties playing or working...we report, you decide!

Oh, at the Dr. appointment last week, Alden was 10 lb 5 oz (75th percentile!!!) and 23 inches long (90th percentile!!!). No wonder why he looks so skinny.


  1. Alden's gaining well! Way to go, mama!

  2. well, Alden's facial features are changing some.

    I love the way Summer can rest on any object--such a funny cat.

    You should get Rhi a carpet sweeper--I finally bought one for myself the other week--I was tired of lugging out the vacuum to do the little kitchen rugs everyday and the rugs upstairs where the cat litter is---the carpet sweeper does a swell (;-) ) job---I am talking about the non-electric, non-battery ones!

    Hey, it looks like hurricane Hannah might be hitting SC?

    Rhi has a great and wonderful imagination--that is why I love playing leggos with her.

  3. They are so adorable Eowyn! I'm so glad that Alden is growing well. He looks great! I need some tips on how you get Rhi to put her legos on the chair and leave them there. I am usually pulling my hair out trying to avoid toys by the end of the day. :) Hope you're doing well. It looks like everyone else is. Love you.

  4. Wow, Alden looks really different to me in the photos in this blog. He looks so much older and more alert. He is such a cutie! Glad to hear he is gaining weight so well. Woohoo!

    Rhianwen has a fabulous imagination. I like the story about cutting the grass the best. Pretty impressive. :o)

  5. Oh my gosh, Alden in the Bumbo! Amazing! He does appear to be having good time. :-) I think it's fantastic that Rhi gets to pick out her own clothes.

  6. If my sock monkey could make poo poo, that would be awesome. That polka dot hat is fantastical.


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