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Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Joy "Short"

We went to the observation area at our airport, and it was amazing to watch the difference between our 2 kids. Boy + airplanes + sand + climby thing = enthralled to the point of not playing. Girl + airplanes + sand + climby thing = "what airplanes?". Although, I do have to admit, I rather prefer the airplanes over playing too.

Now this is something they both enjoy. I love it when they have fun together!

Watch out Broadway!

Enjoying snap and pops.

Really not enjoying this, nope, not yet....it's just getting worse!

It ended in mommy grabbing the sparkler before Rhi lost it; we felt so bad that we hadn't gone into more detail about what sparklers do. I think she saw it coming closer to her hand and didn't know what to do! We felt ROTTEN about it afterward. Alden of course loved all of the noise, smoke, and fire. Rhianwen wanted to run into the house and only came out after she could sit in daddy's lap. We got her out of bed to show her some BIG ones that some neighbors down the street set off. These she loved since they were far, quiet, and beautiful. She said, "The fireworks are still in my head." She said she would dream about them and that she liked them. I'm glad we ended it on a good note.


  1. Ha ha ha. These are some of the best pictures yet. I love the jazz hands.

  2. I've got to agree... the Broadway shot is awesome and adorable.

  3. love the pics; and I notice that rhi has some flip flops!

  4. What a contrast between the fireworks shot and the broadway one!


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