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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Fun

Wally's cousin Virginia visited us for a morning. We had a lot of fun playing and talking. We're glad we got to see her before her next assignment, Germany. She insisted that we'd be welcome to come visit. I'm imagining a long plane flight with 2 toddlers. yikes! Wally has half a mind to try it out if we ever have the money which is unlikely, so I guess I don't have to worry too much. I'd love to just be teleported there.

I can't help it. It's not even August, but I'm getting the Clemson football itch. I just can't wait for the season to start. We've started prepping our kids by teaching cheers. Alden looks at us as if we've lost it, but he sure does love wearing mommy's hat.

Styling daddy's old tie. We decided Alden really needed a better option than Rhianwen's necklaces to wear around his neck. I have to admit, at this point Alden prefers the beads over the knot.

We just watched Mary Poppins (or "Mary Pompins" according to Rhi) and she's been dancing around the house wearing her apron, hat, glasses, and carrying her "umbrella". She kept asking me where her umbrella was and I kept saying, "Rhianwen, you don't
have an umbrella." But she kept insisting, so I finally said, "Where is your umbrella? Can you show me?" and she pointed to the utility closet where the dusters were. It's a good thing I have an imagination too, or I don't know if we'd have ever figured it out. Of course, maybe she's thinking of the chimney sweep tools and doesn't know what to call them...hmmm, that makes more sense now.

Chim chiminey chim chiminey chim chim cheroo...

Rolling the hall...I didn't think you did stuff like this until you were in college.

Despite his sister's helmet, Alden is absolutely thrilled to be trying out the balance bike.

Enjoying her "crib" in the grass.

I don't know why she felt the need to tell me she's old enough. Maybe I had said something about someday when she's older, she'll be able to climb trees. But it's not like I've been preventing her. We've recently read quite a few books with characters who climb trees, so logically she decided to try it out. She did get higher after I stopped videoing.

Looking to make sure Alden is ok after a fall.

I don't know why summer blogs constitute a lot of pictures and little text. But probably no one minds!


  1. You're a great writer. But Rhianwen and Alden are super photogenic. So no complaints.

  2. Wally and his cousin look a lot alike. You need to get Alden one of those Texan like tie thingy... Man the grass looks long where Rhi was on the ground.....I kept thinking of skinned knees when I saw her running!! YIKES!! Climbing trees---that looks like a nice little tree to climb. Cute pics, as always!

  3. oh, yes, and that duster does so look like one of the chimney cleaning things from the movie! How funny. And the toilet paper ...was that something you gave them for entertainment or something they got into.....ANSWER, PLEASE ;-)

  4. Well, a picture IS worth a thousand words, ya know! Love, love, love the pictures. Your kiddos are just too cute and you have quite the photographic eye. You take some really nice pictures.

  5. Looks like a fun birthday! Sorry we missed it, but we were so glad to get to see you all!!! I am glad skyping worked...we can try another time when I get to see as well. :)

  6. It's never too early for Clemson Football cheers :) We are trying to figure out which game to go to this year. Scott and Blaise both know the cheers... Michael's heard them already in his short life!

    Cute pictures! I wish I could be more diligent about including pics in my blog.


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