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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Spontaneous Travel

We decided to escape from our termite treatment by taking a last minute road trip to Grandma Nanny Kim's and Grandpa's house. Since they live so close to the beach, we had a picnic supper there and swam and played in the sand. I never remember how relaxing the beach can be until I'm actually on it. Usually when I think of a trip to the beach I think of how much effort it's gonna be changing all the kids, managing potty time, sunscreen, towels, sand in the car, scary huge oceanous with tots, and the like. But once we get there, it's worth it! Now I remember why I said I'd rather live at the beach than the mountains. I love the wind-sculpted trees, the wind, the sand that you can bury your toes in, the constant sound of the waves, and the colors (yes, even of our mid-east coast browny-green water, the awesome turquoise-green of the pier, etc). Many other people can do the beach far better justice in words. But here are some pics of our fam enjoying it, including Alden for his first beach experience.

Rhianwen's first sand-castle.

Having a blast.

One of the best parts about being siblings...getting to share experiences/memories.

I've been eager to get to Nanny Kim's to see the Great-grands too. During the "school-year", we always seem to be sick so we stay away. I'm beginning to think that when we are well, we need to just go down for a visit since this happens...mmmm...almost never.

It's so special to have a Great-grandma. I hope we are making some memories for everyone!

Rhianwen and Alden sang "I'm in the Lord's Army" for Great Grandma. We tried it again for Great Grandpa, but Rhi did not cooperate that time! Kids are so unpredictable. Well, unless you think of Alden who only wants to run up and down all of the halls. I actually heard some residents describe my boy as chubby and a football player! Can you believe it?! He's in the 50th percentile, but I guess somehow he can still look like a tank.

Great Grandpa, you have a phone call.

We tried, but Alden won't stay still unless bribed with something interesting to put in his mouth, and Rhianwen still hasn't figured out how to smile.

Enjoying a main attraction at Nanny Kim's, the fountain.

Another main attraction at Nanny Kim's were the 3 brick stairs between the kitchen space and the den. Alden mastered them in no time and would do his strong-man walk after getting down them which is where he clenches his fists down low and strutts with a face that says "Top that!". It's hilarious.

Can you tell Wally is waiting for me to watch Ironman with him? :) We're so glad we were able to visit and hope to be able to go down more often!

Now, for praying for Aunt Clara and Uncle Brooks going to Uganda...and that one wasn't spontaneous.


  1. I agree. The beach is the best! I always loved taking my kids there when they were little. I felt like we all enjoyed it the same. I still look forward to going--there's just something about it!

  2. Your beach trip looked splendid! We just got back from a trip to Myrtle Beach with my mom and her sisters, and to my dismay, Andrew had no interest in the beach at all (except for one evening). Oh well ... maybe next year!


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