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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Are Mermaids Real?

The joys of summer. Can't you see freedom written all over this picture?

Independence Day is one of the kids' favorite holidays because of the fireworks. I love singing all of those nationalistic songs I learned in first grade like This Is My Country, Yankee Doodle, America the Beautiful. The kids look at me like I've gone a little insane, but it is good to reflect on and celebrate a country with ideals rooted in Biblical justice and freedom even if now our culture does not acknowledge those roots or tries to twist them into accomplishing agendas which were never desired or intended. We also remember to thank God for all of you who protect us or have protected us and and pray for you who are now battling.

Waiting for fireworks and getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

We did some fireworks at home too...the kids loved the ones on the scarecrow's hard hat. They got to share that experience with some friends! We do like to keep things interesting around here.

We've had a week of VBS and 2 weeks of swim lessons, a hiatus this week, and then off to the beach. This hasn't kept us from having fun at home though.

Corwin loving attention from his big sister.

While busy away from home in the mornings, we had 2 giants move in.

We've made volcanoes with vinegar and baking soda.

We've painted on the back deck.

We've jumped in mud puddles.

We've pulled down towels and any other objects within reach.

We finally got a visit from my elusive and intrepid parents! Hoooooray!

With Grandpa.

Rhianwen learned how to swim! She has a long way to go but I knew if I bit the bullet did swim lessons this year, she was bound to learn. So I braved the waters and the baby and did it. I have a love-hate relationship with the pool. I love swimming...it's in my blood after all the swim team stuff I did in Jr High and High school, but as a mommy, bringing 3 kids to the pool all who do not really know the dangers of the water nor how to swim seems like insanity. Alden's like a frog in hot water, he slowly wanders in over his head then stands submerged looking around waiting for someone to come get him. Rhianwen's not too bad, but I've had to pull her out a time or two. Corwin just sees anything liquid and decides it doesn't make sense that it's not milk then tries to tear my suit off. Then getting out of the pool is an epic battle. I dress Corwin while I let the kids play in the fountain. Corwin hates this and cries protestingly, Rhianwen then falls and gets all scraped up and runs bleeding blindly toward the deep end forcing me to yell for her to come now while at the same time Alden decides he has to pee right this instant and is clamoring for the toilet. He ends up peeing on the cement while I try to hold a towel on Rhianwen's legs while Corwin is still half dressed and wondering why while Rhianwen is fussing that she doesn't want her towel all bloody. Murphy's law at work. Then I go home and feel sorry for myself while scarfing gluten-free dairy-free chocolate chips and realize how stupid it is for me to be feeling sorry for myself since really, "Oh poor me, I have to go to this amazingly fabulous pool and console myself with chocolate. My life is so hard." It's just laughable.

In just 2 days, Wally and I will have been married 10 years!!! He's given me a rose for each year with memories written on cards from each year. What a romantic man! I do not deserve him and knew this when I married him, but it just gets more evident as each year goes by.

What I'll be doing if I don't get off this computer now.


  1. What a fun post! Falling asleep in the middle of a meal is a child's way of saying, "you kept me busy with an exciting day!" I can't believe it's been 10 years since y'all got married... it's amazing how quickly time passes. We can't wait to see y'all at the beach very soon!! and look forward to living nearer y'all this winter. We love each of you. - R,N,B

  2. Hope your anniversary is lovely!! The pics and movies in this post were so enjoyable.

  3. Oh my. Alden falling asleep at the table was so fabulous. I kept laughing out loud.

    Which was nice because I had to take some very powerful medication after reading your description of going to the pool. I shall never again feel sorry for myself for how exhausting it is to take mine!!!

  4. You should blow that first photo up to an 8x10 and frame it!

    Yay for Rhianwen learning to swim!

    The rose/memory idea is fabulous! Way to go Wally!

    I love how Alden's eyes fly open at the first burst of noise but then just clost again right way. So so so cute!


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