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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beach Birthday for Alden

He's 3!

In most ways I feel like Alden's been around longer than 3 years. Yes, yes, in a good way. His nearly boundless energy and intense feelings and actions can be challenging at times, but they also serve to remind me that I have a very healthy exuberant little boy who is full of life. I am thankful beyond words for him. He gives the BEST hugs ever. Try him out if you are around him one day. He lives in his own world and often needs holding and direct eye contact for anything you say to register. He jumps from heights dizzying to mommy, loves smacking anything with a stick, is a pro at finding stink bugs, has learned to quietly get out of bed and play after lights out, is potty trained without the ordeal we expected, loves to describe his poops as works of art (today it looked like a tree, yesterday it was a crab), is crazy about Spiderman despite the fact that he has no idea who Spiderman is or what he does, looks to Rhianwen for all of the answers to most questions posed to the 2 of them, and loves soccer. He also is good at storytelling. For instance, at the beach, somehow he fell out of bed, broke the fan, and got a nose-bleed. We asked what happened, and he said, "It was Rhi, no, it wasn't, it was a monster!". He also has declared that Corwin is "my best friend". It always amazes me to see what an individual each person is and that God has a unique story written for him. I pray he will walk in His ways and learn to live like Christ: strong, sure, submissive to God and a compassionate servant.

Chillin' on the way to the beach (note the Spiderman shades and shirt...it's likely he also has Spiderman un*die*s as well).

We got there, and Alden loved sitting on the walkway "watching the waves" while he waited for everyone else to get ready.

I called him a little sandpiper because he would run way down the beach along the edge of the waves or in the shallows with no thought to where any of us were. His little legs can go so quickly just like a sandpiper's.

Skimmer boarding with daddy.

Rhianwen tried it out too.


He'd get this big smile on his face when we sang happy birthday to him. This was the first time he was serenaded in the morning bright and early. We were blessed to have all of the T siblings and sig others and parents AND my parents and one of my brothers to come celebrate!

Since he asked for a volcano cake, we decided dinosaurs would be a nice addition to the decorations. I must say these dino masks look more like swamp monsters or something.

Blowing out the candles.

The mess in a blur of chocolate movement.

Our main gift to him. He loves it.

The amazing sand sculpture the guys made that day. It was the highlight of many people's beach excursions.

I just have to put a second shot of it.

Well, other than his birthday, another great highlight was meeting my nephew Benjamin for the first time.

A happier baby you will not find. I swear, I never heard him fuss even one time! Well, except when his mommy and daddy wanted him to take a nap or go to bed. That little guy just wants to keep busy every minute! He is just so smiley and lively. Alden really enjoyed playing with him, and I think Corwin enjoyed trying to grab whatever toys he had.

Corwin did enjoy the beach, but he mostly just wanted to eat and sleep a lot more than normal. I complained about it to Wally one day, and Wally said, "That's all I want to do at the beach." Hm.

"Who? Me?". Can't you tell he just really is starving.


This is how it went if we put him on the sand. Daddy let him go to town (which may be why he didn't sleep so well at night, ahem). Mommy tried to prevent. He spent a lot of time in the inflatable pool and in the swing that daddy set up using PVC pipe for the swing-set frame. Wally got a lot of respect from the men folk wandering the beach for that. What is it about men and PVC pipe and duct tape?

Uncle Robeson and Aunt Natalie treated all of us to ice-cream! Thank you!!! Some funny things that Rhianwen has said recently: "Does 'a cow' mean you are going to die?" this comment came after Wally said she was having a cow and acting like she was going to die. In a prayer recently, "Please help us to run from sin and just zip right back to goodness." And lastly, "The ABC song does NOT have all of the letters of the alphabet in it!" (she must be thinking of that Seuss book "On Beyond Zebra" (I hate it, Wally and Grandmama love it).

Back at home but on the road still.

Piece of cake. He even can do it and chew on a piece of grass.

Corwin, not to be outdone has started grabbing his toes, creeping backward, and eating "real" food...6 months old!!! I'll have to post another one really soon!


  1. Nice pictures! There was a recall of some kind of baby banana food, but i figured you would be using real bananas when you got to it! We need a shot of him eating "real" food!

    Corwin was eating sand when I was there---perhaps that is why he did not sleep well, aside from being in a new place ;-).

    I thought the same thing as Wally...when you are at the beach you want to eat and sleep a lot!

  2. Great volcano cake and awesome sand sculpture! Do you have a minivan now? It looks like Rhi is in a third row seat in that one pic.

  3. I can't believe Alden is already 3!

    Awesome sand sculpture!

    I have to say that I agree with all the men on the beach. Creating a frame out of PCV pipe to hang a baby's swing at the beach is a FABULOUS idea!


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