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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Apples in the Mountains

Wally's favorite season is fall. I remember when he first told me that when I was getting to know him at Clemson and thinking, huh, strange b/c I like spring best. But more and more, autumn is becoming my favorite time of year too. I won't bore everyone with a list singing the praises of fall, but one big reason why spring is lower on the totem pole is b/c of all of the pollen :)

One of our most anticipated times of the year is our traditional trip to the mountains with my family. We stay at a little old campground in crooked creaky A-frames which often have little night visitors, and we claim the campground as our domain. We canoe, go down the zipline, clamber up the climbing wall, tempt little fishies and ducks with morsels, breathe in that scented mountain air, hike, shop, eat, and enjoy the beauty.

Alden wants to sit on all of them, you can see it in his eyes.

This year we went to an apple orchard for the first time. First we partook of the hot apple cider and apple donuts; we needed plenty of energy for picking, you know. I just love how C-dub is hangin' with daddy.

Then Grandpa and Corwee had to make an inspection before taking the plunge into the enormous orchard. I was the sacrificial lamb who took the sting from the yellow jacket for the family. It hurt off and on for days! I told Wally to remind me of that next time our kids get stung, that if they feel fine then don't feel fine, they are NOT being dramatists.

Baskets in hand. Where to go? They had every variety imaginable (at least to me...other than the wicked queen's apple tree...anyone else watch Once Upon a Time?...We don't watch on Sundays, so don't give it away...we're still getting caught up to this season).

Arkansas Blacks was the logical first stop, my husband's favorite.

"What strange new land is this? It's full of apples for the taking!"

With Grandpa.

Happily carrying one another's burden.

Pink Ladies. Yummy and gorgeous. These you could see from a mile away, their color is so striking in comparison to the rest.

Thrilled to be here.

Back at the A-frame, Rhianwen received her much anticipated American Girl doll, Marie-Grace from NannyKim and Grandpa. You can tell she is overjoyed.

A very special doll for a very special girl. I remember poring over the American Girl catalogs when I was small. I always wished I could have one, so I can understand this one.

You can tell she is a little overwhelmed by it all. Grandmama and Grandaddy, she DOES know you gave her the gorgeous dress and slippers, she just didn't know which camera to look at :) Rhianwen proceeded to carry her everywhere where we went, and I was amazed to hear people comment on her and know what it was! It certainly sealed the specialness in Rhianwen's book, which I am not sure is good or bad, but that's how it is.

Canoeing. Corwin loved it this time. We think we saw some grebes on the lake. They would dive down any time we came anywhere near them and disappear. We would almost never see them resurface after they dove from us, but we would see them pop up if we were further away and not invading their territory.

Feeding the fish with goldfish...does anyone else find this funny in a macabre sort of way?

Zipline. It was hard to tell what Corwin thought of it, but I guess he liked it b/c he wanted to do it again and again.

Not hard to tell here.

Climbing wall is a piece of cake when you have small feet and hands.

As I said, piece of cake.

Seeing a waterfall.

At the falls. Why isn't Christopher in this? Hm. We were so disappointed that Skip couldn't be with us.

The women-folk.

My heart is beating a little faster as I contemplate the possibilities of a fall into the falls, but it doesn't stop me from the photo-frenzy.

Soccer with Uncle Christopher. Team Bare Feet vs. Team Boots. Who do you think won?

S'mores. Have to.


Hiking Black Balsam. This hike is refreshing and gorgeous. It takes you across bald peaks, so the land is spread out below nearly the entire time.

Can't get enough of this. Wally and I daydream about backpacking here one day.

Another place on the parkway. I love the shadow patterns the clouds cast on the mountains.

Back at home homeschooling it again. Oh wait, don't the mountains and apple orchard count as a field trip or outdoor lab or something?

Handprint art. I love it. Rhianwen is finally doing it instead of insisting on wanting to draw her own and fighting pouty about it. Thank the Lord! I need a little handprint for when they are grown and gone.

Here you go mommy.

1 comment:

  1. Christopher was not in the Pearson Falls pic because he did not come until later. He was not at the apple orchard either---what did the bee sting do to your brain? Actually , at first I thought the same thing about the Pearson fall pic and then I remembered.


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