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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Day Before Tomorrow

My mom informed me that it has been over a month since last I posted. It's my new average. So here we goooo (have you ever played Super Mario on the N64?).
New teeth. Isn't she adorable? I have to admit, I've had a lot of fun with the tooth-fairy notes.
Here she is, reading the second note she's received from the tooth fairy. She has taken off with reading and can read almost anything she has a mind to read. Wally recently gave her her own full-fledged Bible. She reads many passages with which she is already familiar (ie. ones we have memorized or read many times before). I can't say enough about the value of Scripture memorization! Before I had kids, I knew it was important, but seeing it lived out in others' lives I am even more convinced of it. She still prefers a slimmed down Abeka version of the Bible which contains selected passages out of the Bible in the KJV.

On another front, Corwin seems to be embracing a Hudson Taylor style approach to living the Christian life. Just kidding. He does love emptying the dress-up clothes bins and coming up with some awesome combos.

The kids began outdoor soccer. This was Rhianwen's first soccer experience, and she has enjoyed it! Wally is their coach. I just think it's adorable.

Don't they look like little athletes?

On the way back to the car, Alden includes Corwin in a victory walk. Go Red Bulls (yep, that's their team's name).
Bamboo at Duke Gardens. I love this place, but I can still despise Duke teams....

Although I am not turning my blog into a Homeschool blog, look at who read his first sentence! He's doing great! One thing that I did not expect going in to homeschooling was a boy who wanted to do nearly every part of school with us. I ended up having to order his own set of math books. I was not prepared for this. I don't think he's quite ready to learn. He often cries, fusses, or complains when I correct him (any pointers on better ways to correct are appreciated). His participation and occasional lack of cooperation adds a lot more time to each lesson. So, I've had to readjust my expectations. Coming from the homeschool conference, most were insistent that 4 year olds need to spend the majority of their time playing, doing fine and gross motor activities etc. They even said we shouldn't teach them to read until they know how to skip etc.; that there are certain motor milestones that show when a child's brain is developed enough to read. Well, maybe he can skip. I don't know, but he certainly wants to learn. I had to sit down and have a discussion with him about what learning is (that it's a process, that it takes time to get good at it, that he will be corrected and encouraged to redo things and to get better, but that it is part of learning...really a BIG part, that whining and fussing isn't helpful to this process.) I decided that he has 2 chances when I am correcting him to get his reaction under control. If on the second try, he still can't, then we just put the work away until tomorrow. I know this sounds really serious, but especially when I am not antsy to plug him into schooling, this is just a way to get him back to playing and being a little boy and keep me sane and Rhianwen learning too. Regardless, Alden is very happy with his accomplishments, especially with reading.

Thank you for letting us borrow the desks, Grandmama! We all love them! And, yes, Corwin wants to participate too. Some days it's all I can do to keep him off. Please ignore Alden's pencil-hold. I do constantly remind him how to hold it correctly. He doesn't mind that correction anymore :) He said, "My Q's are so funny. It looks like men spitting stuff."

Tea anyone?
What they do after school...

I love how they are playing all together now.

My smashed car. We went on a field trip in Raleigh to see rocks at the Natural Science Museum. I've always avoided driving in Raleigh and their free museums b/c I've been afraid I'd get in an accident. I decided I was being ridiculous. Went. Someone merged right into me. Now I'm trying to figure out if this is a message from God or what...take the bus next time? I'm only halfway joking.

He's BUILDING! Not just dumping and knocking down. Awesome!

Walking in the forest.

Taking a breather. He just chose a tree to lean against and did.

First successful pee-pee. He was SO excited and wanted to try again immediately afterward. No, we're not trying to potty train. Funnily, Alden came crying to me one day and said, "I accidentally stepped in the toooiiileeet!". Hm. Yes, that happens to me all the time, son. I totally understand how hard that was to avoid.

I don't know why, but Corwee here reminds me of a Storm-Trooper.

Bumpin' up and down in my large orange wheelbarrow...Rhianwen actually can push him around in it. Alden, on the other hand, just dumps him every time.

Double-rainbow! How exciting! Do you think God is intentionally sending someone specific a message when He puts His bow in the sky? I've always wondered why He chooses certain days, times, places, and people to show these.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHIANWEN!!!! She is SIX! Today at church I had to check all 3 children box categories in the attendance pad. 0-2, 3-5, and 6-11. It makes me feel like I should have it together by now. Ha.
Being greeted with the Happy Birthday song in the morning.

Holding Alden's card.

I love this picture even though it is blurry. She is warm and bright and girly just like this picture.

Brambly Hedge. If you haven't read these, they are a treasure.

Alden gave Rhianwen roller-skates. She thinks they are riotous fun. To me, it looks a bit like a really frustrating and slow way to get from here to there, but I guess it's because I am a grown-up. I do remember loving to roller skate when I was little and starting out with those little metal ones that buckled to your shoes out at the school where my Grandpa was principal.

Happy Birthday!


Pop-beads. Do you remember them? Every person in our house is loving them.

And I mean everyone. We had to postpone Rhi's party until the 20th b/c she came down with a fever the day after her birthday (her party was to be this past Saturday). What does it feel like being 6? "Fun, a little bit normal, and happy." I often am afraid that all this time with me will permanently change her, that she will study and learn all of my vices. This thought can be freeing or trapping depending on who I am resting in for her life-shaping. Do I rest in my abilities and lack or in Christ's power, mercy, acceptance and grace? Already I see His work in her heart. She is a little blossom. I just pray she will continue to respond to the light of Christ, that she will embrace the beautiful unique creation that she is, and that she will spread joy to those around her in her free way.

Philippians 2:15-16 "so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.”Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life. And then I will be able to boast on the day of Christ that I did not run or labor in vain."


  1. Thanks! I needed a grandkiddie dosage!

  2. That last picture of Rhianwen is just beautiful!

  3. ...and sorry about your car! That stinks!!!


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