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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last State Fair for Me...Hoorah.

Wally has been travelling like a madman. He's been gone a lot, but I guess considering other people's travel schedule, it's not that much. He's been taking some much envied trips to Clemson. While he was gone, Corwin was looking for him, and I said, "He's in Clemson, Corwee." Corwin turned around pointed to the TV (he knows Clemson football), pointed to his forehead (he loves his Clemson hat), and pointed to the football on his shirt. SO adorable. That was worth theWally's absence in my book. Once he came back, we dared the State Fair once again. By the end of it I was feeling sick and literally almost fainted after getting out of the car and into the house. Each year, it's gotten a little worse for me, whatever "it" is. So, we are not doing it again. Sorry kids!

I did come away with the desire to adopt a rabbit. They will "litter-box" train, are silent, don't bother most cat-allergic people. BUT they do chew on things and aren't so thrilled with children so maybe not. I want a little fuzzy tannish wiggle-nosed one. He seemed so friendly and curious.

The trains. Notice Corwin's face mashed into the netting.

This photo is always one of the kids' favorite in their yearly photo books I make them.

Horton Hears a Who. A GENIUS garden exhibit and one of my favorite childhood stories of all time.

Visiting the Forestry Service portion.

High five, Smokey! One of the service guys had a thick Southern accent. He called acorns "acerns" (how do you spell that?. Rhianwen said, "What are "acerns"?". I'm sure he must have thought, "These poor kids don't even know what an acern is!".

Talking to a schoolbus. The lady had a small mike and was standing behind a table away from it. It moved and sounded like it was taking a personal interest in them. So cute. They were transfixed.

First corndog (maybe...can't remember about last year). He hung onto this thing until the very end.

Their only ride. First time on a ferris wheel (Rhi, Alden, and daddy rode, mommy could barely stand at this point, and Corwee was too small). They loved it. You can see Wally waving in the seat on the right side of the pic near the lamps.

As I said, he held onto it unil the very end.

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