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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Living in the Light

Homeschooling it. We've been studying the Middle Ages this fall, so we took an afternoon to make subtleties and mead.
Cheers! Enjoying a nonalcoholic version of mead, a favorite of the Vikings.
Corwin's subtleties (bird's eggs and nests).
Rhianwen's were flowers and birds and insects.
Alden's were towers. And yes they were all edible!
A bunch of people at the ocean. I just LOVE his drawings. They make me happy. Yes, his face is dirty quite often. I try, but often fail to follow through after reminding him to go wash it.
Cleaning out a pumpkin on Halloween.
So enjoyably icky.
Our pumpkins represent us and our hearts in need of cleansing and filling with the light of Christ.
So happy to be shining. Still unique but all with the same light. 
This Fireman is all business.
Plants to the left sprouted in the dark, to the right in the light. Fun little experiment for the kids. I could wax eloquent on how this makes me think of people and our need for Christ's true light for thriving, and how we think we are growing wonderfully on our own but end up being really kind of sick and weak and constantly searching. But it really was just a science experiment.
Spanish. Alden loves it, but I'm not sure if he really is following. Rhi is following but hates having to figure it out or getting things incorrect.
Framed this and put it in his room. He gets SO messy, but he loves it.
Aunt Hannah reading Petit Rouge Riding Hood, a story that is written in New Orleans English. REALLY fun to read once you figure it out. You can see Hannah's look of concentration. This is her first time through it. 
Uncle Christopher reading to Alden.
Why, do you say, are they here randomly? Because they were visiting to scout out Durham! They now live 10 minutes from us!!! Yay! Please pray for their search for a church home and small group. We know from experience how difficult it is to start feeling rooted without one.

Rainbow! Just a theme of light. 

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