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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Thankful Tom Turkey. We did a good job this year! He's nice and fluffy full.
We painted the boys' room green, the shade they agreed upon. Now they are enjoying battling it out in there. We still need to put the last layer of chalkboard paint on the wall under their window.

Reading bedtime stories to Corwin and his cousin Benjamin. They  had so much fun playing together!
When we get together, our kids like scheming about how nice it would be to live together every day!

Hanging out with Uncle Averett and Aunt Jaime. I forgot my nice camera, so everything was taken on my iPhone :(

Making place cards for the feast.

Making Mr. Eggplant, a Tinsley family tradition, to grace the table.Yes, this is serious business. It takes many men to get the job done.
Putting on Mr. Eggplant's face.
Now for the cooking. Yes, men can do that too! They enjoyed making cornbread stuffing with Grandmama.
I often am a terrible photodocumenter when it comes to large family gatherings. I'm just too busy enjoying eating, watching, and catching up with people. So I didn't get a single photo of Smiley (my cute little niece) nor of her parents nor of Andy and Gina who are Greats for the kids. So sad :(

We had a wonderful time, and I am so thankful that we all share the same faith. Fellowship is sweet.

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