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Monday, June 4, 2007

Memorial Day and Reception Firsts

For Memorial Day, we decided to take a trip out to a small quaint town to do a little window shopping and to have a picnic. Well, window shopping was quite the literal phrase since the entire town of Hillsborough was closed with the exception of the Fish and Tackle store! It was a cute old town, and we walked around to the visitor's center where we sat in their garden for a while.

Enjoying the shady garden beside the visitor's center.

Next we walked to the overgrown and delapidating Indian camp reconstruction and then found the only "restaurant" in town that was open, the Mini-Mart, and got those really toxic-red hotdogs that come out of a jar for lunch. Next we needed to find a place to eat them and decided to try Ayr Mount, a beautiful house with extensive grounds that lived up to it's charming name.

"I say old chap, how was that hotdog?"

After lunch, we headed down the poet's walk. In my dreams (literally), I have found myself on a poet's walk, but I never knew that it actually existed! They even had pencils and paper in case you were inspired along the way! We came down to the Eno River, where Rhianwen enjoyed dipping her toes in the water, the first river she has been in.

A try at a family picture...oh well.

Splashing in the Eno.

We went past a lovely pond and an old Indian trade route. Then it was time to head home.

The rest of the week was spent with Rhianwen getting her front top set of teeth and getting better and better at crawling. She is now crawling foward! And just tonight we were able to coax her all the way from the living room, down the hall, and into our bedroom. She's still a slow mover, but I'm sure the jet propulsion will kick in soon.

This past weekend, we attended Jeannie and Jesse's wedding. Jeannie was gorgeous; I wish we had pics, but somehow when we go to York we end up so busy that we don't get any pictures taken! Rhianwen went to her first reception (she was in the nursery for the wedding) where a live band was playing. She looooooved it! This weekend, she learned that she can clap her hands and not just the blocks that she loves to play with. When the band was playing, she would clap, laugh, and squeal. We even took her for a spin on the dance floor. It very likely was the highlight of her week...that or getting her new favorite book Knuffle Bunny from Kathy. Today, was spent recuperating from the big party weekend with a round of very long naps.

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  1. Man oh man, is that girl a combo of wally and Eowyn!!!Can't believe how much I see echo's of you both in her. WOW.


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