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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Faceplants, Devotions, and Baas

Our baby has now discovered the world of standing on her own and has taken advantage of this new-found knowledge not only to stand in the crib when she's ready to get up but also to stand without support resulting in either a fall on the big diaper butt or a ramrod-straight face-first descent to the floor. Welcome to the age of bruises and scratches.

Wally now has a new devotion "ritual" that involves placing Rhianwen in her chair, carrying her to our bedroom, and using this cool little devotion book that has a song for each devotion. She loooves it. Wally plays the song first, reads the devotion, and plays the song again.

On the way to devotions.

Listening to the music.

Reading about Abraham and Isaac.

Yes, she does have a big wet spot on her tum-tum. It is a result of the diversionary tactics used at supper time: pouring water into her tray for splashing while mommy and daddy finish their meal.

Rhianwen also can tell us what the sheep says now. We've read The Sheep Says Baa so many times now, that we can say, "Rhianwen, what does the sheep say?" and she will say "Baa. Ba." When we read the book, every time we get to "the sheep says...", she will start yelling out, "Baaa! Ba, ba, ba! Baaaaa!". Amazing? We think so.

I know this seems random, but sometimes my husband does noteworthy things that deserve recognition:

These interesting sculptures were secretly placed by my husband for me to discover...how many kids do I have?

Keeping one eye on the fish.

How many kids do I have?...Wait, did I just say that?

1 comment:

  1. well, well, again, what a beautiful baby---Greatgrandma Muriel thinks sooooo toooooo. Glad she is using Rhianwen's great, great, great Aunt Mable's chair that used to sit in her house on the landing where we could sit and look out the stained glass window!
    (yes , three greats!_


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