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Monday, June 25, 2007

3 W's: Wolfing, Walking, and Williamsburg

"She could have made this snack thing a little easier on me."

Actually, I provided Rhianwen with a nice plastic container of cheerios, but of course, the first thing she did with them was dump them on the floor. This recalled to mind the time that my littlest brother (Rhi's Uncle Skipper) dumped an entire box of cheerios on the floor, thought it hilarious, and proceeded to grind them to smithereens by crawling all over them (also very hilarious in his opinion...and we wonder where this whole joining the army thing comes from). But I digress.

Other wonders of the week: Rhianwen has been taking steps free of any support! She has consistently taken as many as 6 at a time, though admittedly, this "walking" is quite slow and has some mighty long pauses between steps in order to feel balanced for another try. When she took 6 for the first time, she was with Wally and I was out in the yard. He came flying out of the house and said, "We're done!!!" I turned around and was like "huh"? He said, "We're done! She's walking!" Well, I'm sure it will be a few more moons before she really masters it, but she repeated it for me when I came inside...so, only time will tell.

We are now in Williamsburg, VA where Rhianwen got to see the protagonist of one of her favorite books, "The Sheep Says Baa". She was very excited and said "Baa" quite a few times trying to coax it out of the sheep. The sheep was only interested in nibbling tidbits and getting cool in the shade. Oh well. I guess not all sheep say baa on command unlike the one in her story.
"Whew! Something stinkier than my stinky diapers!"

She also enjoyed the colonial parade (aka masonic cultish scary procession weaving their way through Williamsburg and enticing many to scariness). The front runners were normal enough, but the ones bringing up the rear were Masons. She looked at them like they were crazy walking up and down beating on those drums.

On the way back to the hotel, we excitedly walked her up to a horse, but she had zonked out into the land of Nod.


  1. hope the cheerio episode does not forcast a skipper like identity (no offence, Skipper, but one of you is enough!! SKipper is at West Point--so he won't be reading this anyways!! HA HA.)

  2. They are going to have to kick Hannah and Rhianwhen out of the baby nursery pretty soon with all these steps:) Hope Williamsburg was fun!!! Did Wally bring you home any food from the black tie event? We'll be out of town until the 8th. The beach and the mountains all in one week.

  3. I can't believe she's walking!!! Wow! AND saying "baa." Looks like you've got one Smartie McCutie Pants on your hands there. :-)


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