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Sunday, June 17, 2007

It's All about Daddy and Dancing

Since this was Daddy's birthday and Father's Day week, this post is dedicated to him. Rhianwen helped prepare a delicious cake for Daddy. She was especially handy with the sprinkles. Not only did they make a nice rattly sound when shaken, they also rolled all over the floor once Rhianwen figured out how to get the cap off. She even left her fingerprint on Daddy's cake (notice the sprinkles strewn haphazardly across the floor).

"Mommy is such an ameteur when it comes to cake-decorating. Let me see if I can fix this."

Daddy's birthday card (texturing by the renown Rhianwen).

Rhianwen did the sweetest thing for me. One day Rhianwen and I were sitting in the kitchen enjoying a lucious snack of graham crackers when she leaned over to me and stuck her graham cracker up to my lips for me to eat. Her first sharing! I was overcome by her generosity...really! I often find myself praying for her salvation, and her sharing seemed like a sign that God's grace is already at work in her life. On the other hand, the mini-tantrums have begun. She loves us reading books to her, but every time we get to the end of a book, she will cry because she wants us to keep reading. I kind of know the sentiment. When I get done with an excellent book/series, I feel slightly disappointed too; as if I had lost touch with a good friend whose life was going on without me. But now we don't quite know how to handle the "end of the book situation" with Rhianwen.

Daddy was gone most of the week, so it was just the girls in the household. We mostly just hung out letting Rhianwen cruise from furniture piece to furniture piece. She really only crawls to get to something she can pull up on, and then she uses the furniture as support for her to move around on 2 feet. I'm a little afraid that she is going to be an early walker! While daddy was gone, Rhianwen also perfected a dance routine as depicted in the movie below:

Daddy was back for the weekend and hence for his first Father's Day with a daughter that he could see and touch (unlike last year, when all that he could see was a big lump of a mommy-belly).

Daddy's little girl (notice the top teeth).

Rhianwen truly is blessed with a fun, consistent, patient, godly Daddy. May God continue to perfect Daddy's love into one like our heavenly Father.

LASTLY, BIG NEWS! Wally got accepted to NC State's EE PhD program on a provisional basis (he has to prove he can make the grades)!!!!! We are very excited and thrilled that God seems to be opening the door for him.


  1. Happy Father's Day and Congrats!
    Hope you had a good day.

  2. well, liked the dancing!! And I am glad Wally got to be home for Father's Day. Rhi's decorating skills are quite fab.


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