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Sunday, October 21, 2007

1,000 lb.

No, we did not go get Rhi reweighed to find out she is off the charts. We went to the state fair where we saw the hugest pumpkins we have ever seen! The prize pumpkin was 1,179.3 lbs.!

To get an idea of the size look at the baby in the background.

Rhianwen had the time of her life at the fair. We showed her bunnies, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, donkeys, horses, cows, goats, sheep and probably other things that I am forgetting. Before I DO forget, we saw the most hilarious photo shoot ever! We were parked behind a dumpster full of hay and other choice selections from the animal stalls b/c we needed a semi private place to change Rhianwen's diaper. Past some bushes and down the hill was a prize cow and her owner getting ready for a picture. The photographer was trying to set the cow's hooves etc. And I noticed that at the top of the hill in front of the cow was a guy standing with a pitchfork covered in sackcloth. I thought, "Well, this is an odd way to mourn and repent of sin." No, actually I thought, "I wonder what he is doing." Then upon some secret cue from the photographer, the guy ran down the hill loudly calling "Mooo! Moo Moo, Mooooo!" and shaking the sackcloth at the cow. The ploy didn't work too well b/c I think the cow was too distracted by the strange onlookers standing next to the dumpster (namely us). But I laughed my head off watching that guy.

Watching a cow show.

Rhianwen's expressions were priceless the entire day. I finally captured one on camera!

So soft and fuzzy!

We have new molars coming in! This hasn't been too bad, but I feel like Rhianwen has been easily frustrated because of not feeling quite up to par. Of course, Uncle Christopher got to see her in her worst moment ever...throwing a tantrum over having my cell phone taken from her. He probably thinks she is this terrible monster child who needs disciplining. Well, we are trying! She was very stir crazy after staying cooped up in church nursery and a nap today, so I think going for an adventure walk at Umstead State Park helped.

We even came across and old graveyard in the middle of the woods!

I'm nervous about this coming week because, she is having the lump removed from her head on Thursday. The plastic surgeon (I never thought my daughter would visit a plastic surgeon, but at least it's for something practical shall I say?) will sedate her and provide local anesthesia while removing it. I don't know if we are going to have stitches or what. I can't imagine how Rhianwen is going to take it. Poor little oo.


  1. so darling with the chicks--let us know how the surgery goes.

  2. The fair! What fun! I can't wait until Katelyn is old enough to enjoy things like that. The expression on Rhianwen's face is priceless.

    I love the last picture of you and Rhianwen. It's so sweet. :o)

    I'll be praying for the procedure to go smoothly and for Rhianwen not to be afraid.

  3. Heather's right, that last picture of you and Rhianwen is so cute.

    I can't even see that lump on her head anymore. I didn't even realize it was still there. I will also pray that the procedure goes well and that you won't worry too much. I know how difficult it is to have to watch your child go through something like that. When Noah finally got to come home from the hospital at 6 weeks old, he had to go right back a few weeks later because he had a hernia and had to have surgery for that.

  4. LOVE your description of the cow photo shoot! (That isn't how you repent of your sins?)

    That last picture belongs in a magazine.

    And I totally relate to the feeling that your baby saves the most dramatic fusses for when others are around. We just had Phil's mom here and Andrew hasn't been sleeping well ... crabby pants! And he'll give me all these huge grins and kisses when we're at home, then someone will stop us while we're out to say something kind to him, and he'll get super serious, make a very disgruntled "uhhhhhhhh!" sound and try to hide his face. What's up with that?!


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