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Sunday, October 28, 2007


Molars are showing! Rhianwen has seemed fine getting them in. Although she has gotten pretty stubborn and frustrated at times, I think it's more due to the fact that she is becoming a very independent and exploratory little miss! Just the other day we were in the kitchen while she was excitedly exploring the empty family room that had just been opened to her (it's been on the other side of a gate since we moved in). We had left a ladder up, and I heard the lack of noise and decided to peak in. She was on the bottom rung looking up as if thinking...."Can I do it? Hm." I decided to find out the answer and stood behind her as she scaled it to the top.

"Well, it looks like the problem with this fan is that there are no blades on it...Oh yes, I'm quite sure!"

For her birthday, Rhianwen got a pair of gloves from her Greatmama and PaPa, and daddy put them on for her to play in. She reminded me of Miss Piggy (just a little bit) especially when she decided to eat a graham cracker.

"Whatever. I am WAY cuter than Miss Piggy!"

Rhianwen has been learning a few new words. She can say Bible and knows what books that means. One night when Wally was singing "Jesus Loves Me", he got to the part "for the Bible tells me so", and she looked at him and said, "Bible?" I guess it was the first time she realized we were singing words! She also knows that A says a and B says b. Wally often will ask her "Who made you?" and she can say "God"! It's totally amazing. Not that she knows really who God is although we have read her Bible stories since before she was born and pray to Him every day and do parts of the catechism with her as well. So, maybe she knows who God is more than we think she does! I hope so.

We got to spend part of the day on Saturday with a friend who has a younger baby around 7 months. Rhianwen was very excited to give her stuffed animals and kind of gently bop her with them. She has been very fascinated with any baby smaller than herself of late. When we read books to her we can ask her where the baby is,and she will point right at it. She can also do this with sheep and dogs! It's just so exciting to see her little mind learning without even much structure. I wish we could learn so easily for the rest of life.

"An apple for the teacher?"


  1. what a cute little red dress! you are in trouble now---climbing ladders!!! Life is amazing, what? (said like Danny Kay)

  2. Wow, I can't believe that she was able to climb that ladder! Scary! You better keep a close watch on that little monkey of yours! :o) She's so cute!

  3. ok--I like the I am loved song--very cool. MOM

  4. The ladder pic is my work PC background.

  5. You're doing the catechism with her?! Oh my heavens, putting this little mommy to shame.

    She is a little dream! Love the gloves.


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