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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Birthday, Rhianwen!


October 4, 2006

October 4, 2007
We came in singing "Happy Birthday"...she was very confused.

Rhianwen's 1st birthday! Can you believe it?! I feel like it was just yesterday that she was in the little hospital bin in our hospital room refusing to go to sleep! Her little personality has blossomed: sweet, alert, seriously assessing new situations, excited about life. May God help these 2 fallen parents to love, guide, and encourage this little one to joy in Him and to have a Christlike compassion and focus throughout all aspects of her life! No small task.

As a mother looking back on this year, I feel like I have not matured much. I still have the same weaknesses: impatient, distracted from enjoying life b/c of my own worries and pressures, failing to desire to serve anyone except for myself. I hope that perhaps I have changed for the better though it may seem imperceptible to me now. I hope Rhianwen can forgive me for my many faults and love me for who I am and who God is making me to be.

It's way too late, as you all can tell from my ramblings, so on to some quick pictures. We have more celebration coming up when we go to Conway this weekend!

Since the movie summarized a good part of her b-day, I will not repeat with pictures.

We went to Pullen Park after lunch and rode the carousel and train. Although Rhianwen was very serious the entire time, we could tell she really enjoyed it b/c she sure didn't want to leave!

Carousel ride:

Train ride:
A Calvin and Hobbes family picture.

Zonked but FORWARD facing in the car for the first day in her life!

We have this huge birthday candle that plays the tune "Happy Birthday". At the top is the number 1, and it is numbered all the way to 21 at the bottom! Each year will take a little longer to burn! This was a gift from our good friends, the Hicklins, who so graciously gave us the perfect honeymoon by letting us stay on their own mountain in their own log cabin, just the 2 of us, for free! Anyway, Rhianwen loooved the candle and wanted to grab it!

The day ended with a very chocolaty bath followed by bed. She had no problem falling asleep this night unlike her 1st night in this world 1 year ago!

Thank you all of our friends and family that have made this past year fun, bearable, and memorable. You have been invaluable in our lives and in Rhianwen's life. We have SO many memories, and I wouldn't even trade the bad ones for all good. Life is sweeter when you can appreciate everything that God gives and look back and see that good came out of all of it!


  1. nice post!! Before I forget her age tracker thing isn't correct--the writing looks chinese on the page.. I had been thinking she would like a huge ball like greatgrandma's and you got her one!! Love that big candle--very cooool. It is so funny how serious she can get at times. Love the wagon, tooooo. I remember all the fun you guys had with wagons and all of the strange things you all would do with them..She is a blessing--thanks for having a family!!! Thanks to God!

  2. that ball rocks! happy birthday!

  3. Looks like y'all had an awesome day! For some reason we couldn't pull this page up at home, so I pulled it up at work today (hence the delay). Looks like Rhianwen has the same wagon Ashlynn and Eli have. And that candle is pretty cool, I wish we had one. Take care and HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHIANWEN!


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