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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

If I Went Senile

This is a list of things I would repeat over and over again if I went senile right now:

1. You can play with it, but don't eat it.

2. That is not a toy.

3. Where's your sippy cup?

4. All good things must come to an end.

5. Are you hungry?

6. Be gentle.

7. I think you need a nappie nap.

8. That is trash.

9. Spit it out.

10. I smell a poo-poo.

11. I luu u u u UUUUv yoooooooooooou! (getting higher in intonation as you get to the end).


  1. And why are you taking a picture of your poor little honey crying and needing a hug and not a photo? hmmmmmmm? Her hair looks like it is getting long. We need to see some live video sooooooon.

  2. She turned over in the basket right when I snapped the picture. I had intended to get a pic of a nice smiling oo in a basket, but here was the result when the shutter opened and shut!

  3. Sure sure --weeeee knowwww, don't weeeeee Rhianwen???????? merrt merrt merrt-(I don't know what that means , but I am getting into a mooooood here ;-) ]


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