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Monday, November 19, 2007

If you thought she looked like me....

Wally 18mo....adorable as always!

More similar than you thought?

I came across an old picture of Wally while unpacking and I just had to scan it for the blog. EVERYONE says,"Oh, she doesn't look a bit like Wally. She looks JUST like you!" But I think if you look, you can see him in her as well. Especially if you compare his baby pics to hers when he was a little plumper :)

Rhianwen has been kissing up a storm lately. She kisses us, she kisses Snowbear (her favorite bear that she sleeps with in the crib), she kisses kitty cat, she kisses family pictures, she even kissed the Prime Minister of Turkey today (well his picture in WORLD anyway). So I just had to post a video of this kissing extravaganza!


  1. such a litle sweetie!! Can't get enough of her and can't wait to see her!!

  2. Oh, I forgot--wally looks like wally and rhi looks like rhi!! there is a resemblance in the mouth---and there has always been something in the eyes that remind me a bit of wally. But her active alertness is what reminds me most of him and her climbing abilities!! ;-0 lol


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