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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thankful for Second Chances

Thinking back to last Thanksgiving, Rhianwen was still itty bitty, and we were still having insurmountable breastfeeding problems. Although Thanksgiving last year was wonderful with my mom cooking the entire meal (not to mention the best turkey ever), we missed out on having a big family get together and missed out on enjoying a relaxing time. I'm so glad that Thanksgiving Holidays happen every year :) This year we spent the time at Wally's parent's house. And what a time for us all! Rhianwen fell head over heals in love with Grandmama and followed her all around the house saying, "Mama, Mama!" So sweet. It was nice to have a break from being the one who is followed too!

Playing in the leaves with Grandmama.

This year we again got to make "Mr Eggplant", the centerpiece for the Thanksgiving meal. Yes, this is yet another strange but enchanting tradition of the T side of the fam. You take an eggplant, and make a face out of a carrot, cranberries, raisins, and apple peal. You make arms and legs out of string beans, and USUALLY, you put him in his sleigh or chariot pulled by turkeys made out of pine cones and feathers. BUT this year, we broke from tradition and Mr. Eggplant was riding a fearsome beast aka goose gourd.

Mr. Eggplant looking spiffy in a lemon bow tie.

His fearsome stead.

The T's.

A whole basket of gourds to play with!

Rhianwen enjoyed shooting some basketball (ie being held up while dropping the ball through the hoop), long walks, swinging in the new red swing that Grandmama and Grandaddy bought for her, being read to by everyone, eating delicious food, seeing the chickens and dog, and of course watching Clemson beat USC! She even mimicked some of the Clemson v BC replays shown of Cullen Harper by falling to the ground and landing on her shoulder over and over again.

Taking a walk with her new winter hat and coat.

Getting a story and smile from Aunt Clara.

Helping Uncle Averett move his truck.

"Dr. Robeson, I presume."

Back at home resuming half-way moved in activities.


  1. I notice Rhi's hair is getting longer!! She is starting to look more mature too ;-). I love her new winter coat and hat. Looks like a good time and I am impressed by the gourdy centerpiece!!

  2. I cannot begin to express how much I love Mr. Eggplant.

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving this year. Sounds like Rhianwen had fun. Did she have any turkey this year?

  4. Mr. Eggplant has got to be the funniest thing I have seen in a long time!

    Love the shot of the whole family. That turned out nice.

    Rhianwen looks so cute in her little hat and coat!


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