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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Questions and Lines

Rhianwen is now asking 2 questions most of the day: 1) Whizzit? (translated Who is it?) and 2) Whazzit? (translated What is it?). Reading books has turned into lots of pointing and question asking. Sometimes she even repeats what we say. When daddy walks in the door, Rhianwen will hear him and go running down the hall excitedly saying "Whizzit! Whizzit!" It's a great way for him to be greeted every afternoon. We often have a tickle time each day that Rhianwen loves. We will say, "Tickle Tickle Tickle!" and between laughs she will say "TckaTckatcktck!" It's amazing how quickly she can pick up on things. She's quickly showing us that we can no longer call her baby. She is definitely a toddler and not just because she is walking and talking! She loves dressing up. Her favorite things to wear are the pink gloves (as pictured in the previous post), a scarf I found while switching out summer clothes for winter that was the first crocheting project I ever finshed at the age of 10 or so, and her new but roomy raincoat.

"My motto is: always be prepared."

Graduating to toddler status has its downsides. Although climbing is a ball, it can lead to some frustrating injuries. This week we had more than our fair share. The first came as Rhianwen was sitting on a box she had climbed on. For some reason she decided to lean off of it, pitched forward, and bumped her head on the chair in front of it, leaving a long line on her forehead. Then later, she got dizzy from spinning around in circles in the kitchen and fell into the family room bumping her head on the floor (enter bruise number 2 on the forehead to the left of the line). Then later, she was leaning on the exterior door unbeknownst to me. I opened it and she fell into the doorframe (daddy who was in the house at the time was not quick enough to catch her).
Here is line number 1 before all the other mishaps of the week but after getting up from a nap.

We took Rhianwen to a playground today, and instead of being happy to go down the short slides designed for people her age, she climbed to the highest tube slide (at least 10ft tall), swung her feet onto it, and went down belly first as many times as we would let her. Daddy would stand at the top and I would greet her down at the bottom! Our little oo is a toddler through and through.


  1. scarier and scarier---don't know if that comes from scar or scare, but both work here!!

  2. Where did the name "oo" come from?

    Bumps and cuts and bruises, oh my! I'm dreading the day when Katelyn starts getting mobile enough to get hurt. She bumped her head on the floor this week while I was trying to help her learn to sit up. She was doing fine, I took my hand off of her for two seconds to reach for my camera and down she went. She screamed and cried but I think it was mostly because it scared her. I was so mad at myself and felt like the worst mom in the world for letting it happen!

  3. I see Rhianwen's name that we made on the wall!!! :o)

  4. The name oo is a permutation of boo boo (grandma nanny kim first started calling her that and then I did too). At first boo boo got shortened to boo, but then I decided I didn't want Rhianwen thinking she was an accident per se, so it got changed to oo.

    I'm strange I know!


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