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Thursday, April 24, 2008

3rd Ultrasound

We had our 3rd ultrasound today. They wanted to check out how Alden's kidneys were doing. They are STILL measuring large, but they are maintaining their proportion to the rest of him, so they said that it probably was not a problem. They said if it really were a problem, his kidneys would be getting progressively larger. They are going to do yet another ultrasound around 33-34 weeks to check yet again. They said usually by that point the range for normal is wider and therefore he might fall into the normal range. If not, then after birth sometime, the Ped would order a kidney ultrasound, and if things look strange (dilation of kidneys etc.) then they would refer him to a urologist to check out if there are any blockages. Hopefully there is nothing to worry about. Some other things we discovered today: Alden is still in the breech position (normal for now, but hopefully he will turn! Rhianwen was head down from at least 20 weeks), he is weighing in at 26th percentile (seems small to me, but the ultrasound tech said that was good), mommy is doing great...low blood pressure, nice weight gain (as my brothers can attest to...they took one look at me and said "Whoa! You're huge!"; funny how the women say I'm tiny. Now, who to believe?), measuring text book, glucola results to come.

Now for a cool 3D profile pic (he wouldn't put that arm down for a mug shot). He looks nothing like Rhianwen! I still think he looks like Wally. And he's fatter now than before, so I guess he really does take after Wally; it's not just b/c he was skinny at first. I think the bridge of the nose doesn't quite look like what's pictured; it's hard to say, but certainly the nose is straight and more aristocratic (unlike Rhianwen's cute button).

Look at those lips!


  1. Little Alden looks like such a fun guy! Thomas looks forward to a dude playdate this summer.

  2. Aww, that's so neat. Does your doctor do those 3d ultrasounds right there at the office? Mine doesn't, I wish she did.

  3. He's so beautiful!!!

    Believe the women ... you are full of scrawn.

  4. Skipper and I are the standard bearers of truth!

    Ultrasounds always seem like those pictures where you stare for a while then see shapes pop out. Do you see the lion’s face to the top-right? And I think I can make out a baby in the middle there.


  5. hmmm, this is Rhi's blog after all and you did not mention her well baby checkup did you??? et hem. ;;;-he looks like wally at this point--however, I checked out greatgrandpa's nose and there are some simularities to that tooooo ;)

  6. Cool 4D ultrasound picture. We didn't get to see one of those with Katelyn. They wanted to charge entirely too much money for it.

    Funny that Christopher mentioned the "lion face" in the picture. I pointed out the same thing to Ken!

    And by the way, you are so totally NOT huge!


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